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Lady Gaga Net Worth

Lady Gaga wiki & biography:

Lady Gaga Net Worth $160 Million

Lady Gaga is a famous celeb because of her unusual and extravagant style and lyrics; she is a vocalist a known pop star. Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and her nick name comes from Queen’s song Radio Ga Ga. She began her excursion to popularity when she was performing in New York City in 2003. She came from a quite wealthy family, her parents had cash, but Gaga is used to working for what exactly that she wants to.

It might seem that she does not care about anything, but her parents influence is still important in her life. Lady Gaga net worth began to get more total with her debut as a vocalist in 2005 when she signed a contract with Def Jam Records.

In 2008 her debut record was released called The Fame. It acquired a lot of success for her all over the world and was popular, but also she got lots of critics because of it. It had been regarded as the most effective single week of sales since 2005 and was sold over 1,108,000 copies over one week since the release day.

Lady Gaga net worth enables her not only to purchase things but also dress in the most eccentric manner that many people could have found. Her costume style even bothers some, because she showed in a dress made from raw meet in MTV Video Music Awards in 2010 and that gained the anger of animal rights.

Lady Gaga net worth would be bigger if not her gold heart; she helps for charity a whole lot. In one year the famous celebrity made concerts as a way to collect cash for Japan and she did collected a lot. She sold her autographed urinal in one auction for 460,000 dollars and used them for a decent cause to help individuals.

Together with one company she’s established a lipstick so as to collect cash for organizations that fight against HIV and AIDS and it has raised more than 202 million of dollars because of this cause.

Gaga may appear as an extraordinary character along with her strange style and dressing fashion, she may spend the funds that she wants on herself, but Lady Gaga net worth does not grow so fast because she also has a great heart and helps for people in demand.

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