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Lalit Modi Net Worth

Lalit Modi Net Worth: 155 Billion

Lalit Modi is everywhere known as the founder and architect of IPL. Literally, Lalit was born using a silver spoon in his mouth because his dad’s business empire was more than $ 5 billion. He is also exceptionally good as a sports person and adept in playing games like Cricket, Hockey, and Badminton.

He has also spent the tenures of Vice President of Board of Control of Cricket of India (BCCI) and Vice President of Punjab Cricket Association.

Lalit Modi Net Worth

Stature : 1.41 m
Weight : 52 kg
Wife : Minal Modi

His distinctions in business
As a business tycoon, he is the president and Managing director of Modi Enterprises and the Executive Director of Godfrey Philips India. Modi began a joint venture with Walt Disney pictures in the year 1993. This he named as Modi Entertainment Network with exclusive intention to broadcast Disney’s creations in India. That also comprised Fashion TV.
His educational background
Lalit Modi was instructed in Bishop Cotton School at Shimla. Afterwards he studied in Pace University in nyc and Duke University in North Carolina.
His assets and properties
Lalit Modi has a colossal mansion at London and besides this he owns properties through the world.
Lalit Modi’s annual income
His overall compensation in a year stands around 11,000,000 rupees as directors in various organizations.
What could be his net worth-any guess?
Does Lalit Modi love automobiles?
Like all the business tycoons, Lalit is quite enthusiastic about automobiles and he has a fleet of sports cars in his collection. He is well known for his lavish and flamboyant life style. He is consistently active along with his foreign jaunts and many of time, he along with his family spend time in their own lavish London residence.

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