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Leighton Baines Net Worth

Leighton Baines Net Worth $4.9 Million

Net Worth 6 Million

Leighton Baines Net Worth

Leighton started his career as a junior player Liverpool and Wigan Athletic. He subsequently Leighton his professional career with Wigan Athletic in 2002. Leighton reinforce the England squad since March 2009, but just made ??his introduction in March 2010.

Then Leighton is a young and promising player, who played as a defenseman, left defender. Then Leighton made 145 league appearances and created himself as an extremely promising defenseman,and frequently named as the youthful left defenseman.

Leighton Baines subsequently joined Everton in August 2007. It was reported that Leighton worth is about 6 million that was broken up to first fee of 5 million and 1 million in addons. Now, then Leighton’s value worth more than 21,000,000 improved so significantly from 7,500,000. Leighton Baines getting wealthier because in Everton his salary is about 4,315,000 per year or almost 70,000 a week.

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