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Lesa Lewis Net Worth

How rich is Lesa Lewis?

Lesa Lewis Net Worth:
$2.5 Million

Birth date: March 9, 1967
Birth place: Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Height:1.78 m
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Lesa Lewis wiki & biography:

Lesa Lewis, with a net worth of $2.5 million, is a self employed storage unit buyer based in Texas. Her net worth has been brought in largely through her tough and exacting fashion in the world of storage auctions, as seen in the reality TV show Storage Wars: Texas. Unlike many storage component bidders, Lewis does not work alone. At storage auctions, Lewis is identified by her brassy personality and her loud and distinctive laugh. Her technique at auctions is methodical and exacting, often taking the entire period of time allotted to “size up” the contents of a storage unit. The net worth of and Jerry make a great pair, however there’s another man in her life: Her husband Doug. Among the benefits of Lesa’s unusual profession is her surplus of time to pay together with her husband at home together. However do not be fooled: At auction time, Lesa Lewis is all company, and should be one of the Storage Wars success stories before too long.

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Lesa Lewis Net Worth
The Argument About Lesa

She’s a storage buyer who amasses goods where the owners have neglected to pay the rent for storage. Most collectors and storage auctioneers work alone. Not Lesa Lewis. Lesa works with Jerry Simpson, which is kind of peculiar in the company. Other auctioneers don’t count Lesa too highly because of that, and additionally because she is a girl. Many challengers also believe that she does not possess sufficient expertise. But this has not come in the manner of generating a lot of wealth.

Lesa Lewis has definitely become tremendously successful as her worth now stands in a great $2.5 Million. Recently, she has also emerged as a television personality as she features in the Storage War: Texas TV show. The wealth of Lesa Lewis comes from her TV shows and also the thrift store business that sells whatever she is able to pick up in the storage auctions.

Lesa Lewis is famous for her exceptional style. The woman’s style is exacting and demanding. The techniques are almost always methodical. The woman will commonly choose the full time allotted for sizing up the contents available in the storage unit. Once done, she is going to set the right bids to purchase the items on display. Lewis has a brassy character. The way the woman laughs is distinctive and loud. This really is the simplest way to identify Lesa. The woman has made a career in the TV show Storage War: Texas due to her personality and buying abilities.

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