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Lil Kim Net Worth

Lil Kim Net Worth $18 Million

It’s been announced that Lil Kim net worth is around 18 million dollars. To people, Lil Kim is known as a rapper from New York. Along with her music profession, Lil Kim is also known as a beginner in acting.

separated in the group and decided to be a solo artist. As a solo artist, Lil Kim obtained more praise and recognition than when she was in an organization.

Her debut album called “Hard Core” achieved the standing of double platinum. Along with it, her two other solo albums also were recognized — they both went on to be platinum, which likewise raised the total amount of Lil Kim net worth. As well as her singing and acting careers, Lil Kim is also striving her skills in modeling. She is really one of the few female rap singers and she’s also known for getting involved into various crimes and offences. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that whoever got her involved into rapping and firstly striving to make her well-known was her ex boyfriend (boyfriend at that time) Notorious B.I.G.

One of the very popular songs which afterwards became singles from her first album include “No Time” as well as a duet with Diddy “Combs”. Her successful singles also raised the total quantity of Lil Kim net worth. As the name of her first album suggests, Lil Kim was one of the primary rap singing females in the music world, which demonstrated that not only men but also women can do this art professionally. The album also showed that she’s not a newbie in the rapping world because critics praised it and also the album was exceptionally well sold.

Also, talking about her involvement in crimes and offences, she served a long term interval in prison because of lying to the judges in the court about her friend who was accused of committing a murder some years earlier. The interesting truth is that during her stay in the prison, her fourth album was released, that was entitled “The Naked Truth”. Hence, although there are some spicy details in her life which are never to be fostered about Lil Kim is still one of the favored rap artists in the Untied States and it could be clearly manifested in the Lil Kim net worth.

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