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Lisa Lampanelli Net Worth

How rich is Lisa Lampanelli?

Lisa Lampanelli Net Worth:
$4.5 Million

Birth date: July 19, 1961
Birth place: Trumbull, Connecticut, United States
Profession: Stand-up comedian, Actor, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Journalist, Comedian
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Jimmy Cannizzaro (m. 2010)
TV shows: Howard Stern on Demand
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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Lisa Lampanelli Net Worth 4.5 Million

Lisa Lampanelli is among the most popular American stand up comedians. Besides that, she’s also known as among the most affluent of them, since the entire sum of Lisa Lampanelli net worth today reaches 4.5 million dollars. She’s usually known for her jokes, which occasionally can be quite insulting, at the same time. Consequently, Lisa Lampanelli can also be viewed as a contentious comedian in eyes of lots of individuals along with critics. However, this exceptional style of comedy has brought her tremendous success, which additionally is seen in the total total of Lisa Lampanelli net worth. Lots of her work is associated with content about ethnicity, racial problems and minority groups.

In the beginning of the 1990s, Lisa Lampanelli began her career as a comic. Initially, Lisa aimed at becoming a journalist, yet, she changed to her profession as a comic shortly.

It’s also understood a lot of LisaLampanelli comedy content has been affected by Dean Martin, whom she liked to see when she was growing up. It’s also interesting that she was seeing humor content simply by the mentioned comic and she began to get interested into content supplied by other comics only when she got involved into this business professionally.

In 2005, LisaLampanelli DVD was released, that was called “Take It Like a Man”. Additionally, she’s appeared in TV series on the VH1 station called “So Notorious”. In exactly the same year, a special version of LisaLampanelli DVD “A Dirty Girl” was released, also. In 2007, Lisa Lampanelli additionally appeared in a film called “Delta Farce”.

Other attribute that will be felt in her humor content is her insults about race, minority groups and prevalent stereotypes of the mentioned groups. Hence, this technique also offers resulted in her becoming more successful and it also raised the total quantity of Lisa Lampanelli net worth.

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