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Ll Cool J Net Worth

Ll Cool J Net Worth $80 Million

Certainly one of the very most powerful and richest rappers and actors of all time Ll Cool J net worth has been announced to reach 80 million dollars. To some of the people, he could be generally known as an actor from the TV series “CSI Los Angeles”. It’s been said that for every episode of these show the of appears in LL Cool J gets 125 thousand dollars. Such quantity of money also improves the overall Ll Cool J net worth. LL Cool J whose actual name is James Todd Smith was born in ny in 1968. LL Cool J began to be involved into music when he was still a little child and performed in his church choir.

His grandpa was the person who saw that LL Cool J was actually gifted and bought him his first mixing table when the star became 16 years old. During those times, LL Cool J began mixing and recording his own songs, which he sent to various record label businesses. The little kid began to be quite successful in the music business.

His tune “I Need Love” was the one of such genre, which included both rapping and pop music elements. In 1989 he made a come back to the music stage with his record called “Walking With a Panther” which was certified Platinum. It was that time when hip hop music began to gain popularity with increased gangster themes.

His first single called “I Need a Beat” was a huge hit and 100 thousand copies of it were sold in the United States. Due to that, LL Cool J that the little kid might be very successful in his rapping profession and therefore he quitted attending high school and concentrated on his rapping career, which is among the main sources of Ll Cool J net worth. His debut record was a huge success. It was called “Radio” and 1.5 million copies of it were sold, which is rather a tremendous number for it being the first record of LL Cool J. In addition to such success, his rapping style was rather not the same as the one before in a sense that in addition to its traditions, LL Cool J contained some traditional tune features inside.

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