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Maggie Smith Net Worth

How rich is Maggie Smith?

Maggie Smith Net Worth:
$16 Million

Birth date: December 28, 1934
Birth place: Ilford, United Kingdom
Height:1.65 m
Spouse: Beverley Cross (m. 1975–1998), Robert Stephens (m. 1967–1974)
Children: Toby Stephens, Chris Larkin
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Maggie Smith wiki & biography:

Maggie Smith Net Worth 16 Million

Maggie Smith is among the most famous English performers. MaggieSmith participation into performing company can be proved successful when taking a look at the numbers of the present Maggie Smith net worth, which continues to be estimated to reach 8 million dollars. MaggieSmith participation into performing business continues to be continuing for at least 60 years. So, during this time, Maggie managed to confirm her name among the most successful performers on the market and it also increased the total amount of Maggie Smith net worth by a mile.

So, today Maggie Smith is regarded among the most honored performers in England. Maggie Smith has appeared in more than 50 films during her professional career, which all brought acknowledgement to her.

So, MaggieSmith career in performing brought to her not just monetary success, but she in addition has received lots of prestigious awards and recognitions.

She’s also appeared on stage productions in The Big Apple, including “Night and Day” and “Lettice and Lovage”.

In 1958, Maggie Smith starred in a picture, which brought focus to her, the picture being “Nowhere to Go”. For MaggieSmith appearance because movie, Maggie Smith was also nominated to het a BAFTA award.
In 1965, Maggie Smith appeared in a production called “Othello”, where she was selected for a part of Desdemona. Overall, Maggie continues to be nominated for this particular award six times. Along with that, as a result of her successful character as Desdemona, Maggie Smith was even nominated for a Golden Globe. The generation also raised the overall amount of Maggie Smith net worth.

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