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Mariah Huq Net Worth

Mariah Huq Net Worth

Married to Medicine: the Ultimate Convenience!
Age: 38
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Chattanooga Tennessee
Partner: Dr. Aydin Huq who’s ethnicity is Bengali
Kids: Lauren Taylor and Ethan Tyler. Her children are “Blackadeshi” a term the couple coined
Net Worth: $4 million originally posted on Yodale.org and afterwards supported by CelebrityNetWorth.Com
The show took off in 2013 airing behind the successful series Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now standing on it’s own Sunday nighttime garnering over 1.5 million viewers per episode the show continues to grow. From it’s showcasing of personal dilemmas between friends and livelihood challenges Married to Medicine is filled with laughs and highly tweeted minutes thanks to it’s stars Mariah Huq and Quad who continue to present new sayings and words not found in Webster.
Mariah Huq is one of many producers of the series who takes credit for the women success promising that she made the other stars applicable. It possibly true since all the girls were just housewives and physicians. But Mariah has taken her credit of the chain to a whole new degree creating new play and rifts involving the cast members. Specifically her former bff Quad. The two were close friends for years and also have similar histories. Now their rivalry is the primary cause for the show’s continuous ratings growth.
Mariah was born in Chattanooga Tennessee and graduated in the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a diploma in 2003 with a Bachelors in Mass Communication. With a mouth like hers she has set the degree to work. After graduating in 2003 one of her first professional occupations was working at an area television station in Tennessee. She produced the 6 o’clock news show and afterwards had a 4 minute spot to the evening news speaking to local entrepreneurs in the city. The show inspired her to become a business owner of her own branching out.
In 2005 Mariah moved to Atlanta and completely changed career paths in medical sales where she met her closest friend Quad-Webb Lunceford who also held precisely the same occupation. Both women were from Tennessee and forthwith bonded. Mariah and Quad met their present husbands on the job, who are physicians.
Aydin Huq specializes in Emergency medicine getting a salary of over $3 million a year. Mariah was encouraged by Aydin to leave medical sales and start her own company (with his cash) in kids wear and decor. Her sister Lake works for her as a designer. The company Jewel and Jem has decorated baby rooms for heaps of celebs in Atlanta including Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks.

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