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Marlo Hampton Net Worth

Marlo Hampton net worth: Marlo Hampton is an American reality television star and style entrepreneur who has a net worth is $450 thousand dollars. Marlo is most widely recognized for her friendship with cast member NeNe Leakes, and for her relationship with football player, Charles Grant, who also happens to be an ex boyfriend of Ms. Leakes. Ms. Hampton’s contribution in the reality series has attracted a number of raised eyebrows, as she has a rather extensive arrest record in her former home state of Florida. Through the years there have been many rumors related to Marlo’s dating life. She’s rumored to have several Sugar Daddies who help supplement her lifestyle. Outside of reality TV Marlo runs a trend website called SimplyMarlo.com.

Marlo Hampton Net Worth
Nene: No Longer a Mystery

Marlo Hampton is an American actress as well as a former cast in the reality television show — The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her present estimated net worth is $60 Thousand. She’s featured in the season four of this show. She was nevertheless removed from the cast after. Her removal is maybe on account of the controversies surrounding her arrest records. The arrest records of Marlo are fairly extensive in Florida. She was detained seven times between 1999 and 2003. Many people also complained about Marlo’s appearance in this show as she is not a native of Atlanta.

Marlo Hampton is famous for her camaraderie with NeNe Leakes, who’s her co-cast in the show. She is additionally known for her friendship with Charles Grant, the professional football player. Interestingly, Charles Grant faces many fraud charges too because of issuing bad checks. Recently, she has broken the relationship with Charles.

Based on gossips, Marlo Hampton will soon be reintroduced full-time into The Real Housewives of Atlanta show. The producers are planning to phase out NeNe and bring back Marlo. However there isn’t any proof of the yet. Here’s another fascinating touch about Marlo Hampton. Marlo considers that she’s the “woman of God”. The American actress has been heard telling this to a lot of people recently.
Marlo: No Longer a Mystery
Net Worth: $2.5 Million
Birthday: February 7th 1972
Age: 41
Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Florida
If there’s one woman who signifies the term gold digger to the fullest it’s Atlanta’s own Marlo Hampton. She was featured on season 4 of the popular series brought on by former pal NeNe Leakes. But she was reintroduced during NeNe’s spin off show I Dream of NeNe. During season 6, the highest rated season, Marlo made another appearance, this time in a feud with her former friend.
With such success comes even larger demands from the show’s stars. Like NeNe allegedly asking to get a 50% raise after bringing in a whopping $1 million salary for the present season.
Marlo was born and raised in Florida but moved to Atlanta in her twenties when she became a bartender. Despite Phaedra’s arrest record and alleged violent behavior she has dated some of Atlanta’s most affluent guys. Marlo has been with athletes, business owners, attorneys, doctors and anyone with a credit rating above 800 as well as a salary over $1 million. She currently lives in a small $200,000 house with 4 bedrooms. But the house has state of the art security to guard her $250,000 set of handbags. Marlo also offers a black Porsche cayenne along with a Ferrari parked in her driveway. Just some of the things she’s collected from ex lovers. But her dating life and history with all the girls is enough to qualify her for the chain. Her narrative line will be a lot better than following the lackluster Cynthia.
Bravo apparently has not been so reluctant to spread the wealth. Since Phaedra may not be returning next season she’s left a major void that should be filled. So why not bring on a recognizable face like Marlo Hampton. She is pals with cast member Kenya Moore, they both share exactly the same hair stylist, Lawrence. She also has a little history with all the other girls in the show. Phaedra’s even been in a number of battles with former cast member Kim Zolciak who may or may not return next season.

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