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Matthew Rutler Net Worth

Matthew Rutler Net Worth

The Chronicles of Matthew

Profession: movie production assistant
Net Worth: $100K
Digging info on what former pop princess Christina Aguilera has been up to I could not help but find article after article on her beau Matthew Rutler. The Hollywood production assistant appears almost like her ex-husband Jordan Bratman. The couple divorced in 2011 after a 6 year union. Rutler has been keeping his wife business while she was on a 1 year hiatus form the Voice. She left the popular truth competition in 2012 with hopes of restarting her music career. The couple’s seventh studio album Lotus was a flop in the beginning with inferior critical reviews and mediocre record sales she was doomed. But NBC welcomed the singing diva back as she appeared to be missed while Shakira took her seat to the Voice.

Matt Rutler has been dating Aguilera since 2010 when her son Max was 2 years old. Christina also got instant acceptance from Matthew’s mom Kathleen. He is a well educated man. He attended Roger Williams University in Rhode Island and studied business and music. He graduated with his Bachelor’s in 2007.

After graduating college Matthew took a job in Hollywood as a production assistant and has been working there since 2009. Matthew’s worked on films like Grown Ups, the sequel and also the Oscar nominated movie “The Social Network”. Matthew has probably among the least respected occupations being ordered to get coffee for celebrities, get food and little things like. Nothing special. It is difficult to believe the womanranked her 58th on their listing of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time will be dating someone so routine. Matthew also is musically gifted. He plays guitar for a group called Nate Modd Band. With a net worth of 100K we understand Christina who is worth over $75 million in 2013 is the bread winner. He currently lives with the Pop vocalist in Beverly Hills mansion with her son.

He was currently featured in Aguilera’s video for her single Let There Be Love.

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