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Michael Beasley Net Worth

The 6 feet 10 inches basketball player is 107 kg and is playing basketball since his school life.

Michael Beasley has began his professional career from 26 June, 2008, when he was selected by Miami Heat in the 2008 NBA draft. He signed with Miami Heat ON 2 July 2008. His NBA summer match introduction was rather intriguing as he scored 28 points and got 9 rebounds, got 2 assists and has played 23 matches. He got really amazing debut match in his career for NBA. His career highlights and awards are countable as he became McDonald’s All-American Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2007, he got Pete Newell Big Man Award in 2008, he became Big 12 Player of the Year in 2008, he was in NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2009.

In his gaming career he has played 409 games and started 199 as playing 5. He used to play 24.9 min/game. He scores 13.2 points in every match in an average. He gets 4.9 rebounds in each matches in an average. The above information is of Regular season.
In his Playoffs career he has played 16 games and has started 5 games as playing 5. He used to play 21minutes/game. He scores 9.3 points in every game in an average. He gets 5.3 rebounds in each games in an average of Playoffs.

He has played for three NBA teams in his career till date. And then he was signed by Minnesota Timberwolves in 2010 and played for Timberwolves for two years and then he signed with Phoenix Suns in 2012 and completed his one year contract and is now continuing his playing career from Miami Heat since 2013.

He is renowned all around the world as he shown the folks who knows about basketball and became the player of a huge celebrity.
Beasley is a power forward/small forward for the Miami Heat. Beasley is6’10and weighs236 pounds. Beasley grew up with four sibs in Maryland and was already a standout playing for his AAU teams, where he partnered with former NBA star Kevin Durant among others. He attended six different high schools but still was able to average 29 points and 16 rebounds as a senior, prompting a bevy of focus from faculty basketball programs. He was named a McDonald’s All-American and won the MVP of the McDonald’s All-American Game in 2007.

Beasley chose to play for Kansas State in school and had among the very best freshman seasons in recent history, averaging 26.2 points and 12.4 rebounds, on his way to 28 double doubles, three 40-point games and a 53.7 field goal percentage. Beasley led Kansas State to the NCAA tournament, but the team lost in the second round. After only one season, Beasley elected to enter the 2008 NBA Draft and was selected together with the 2nd overall pick from the Miami Heat.

His first year in Minnesota, Beasley averaged a career-high 19.2 points in 73 games, but that dropped off the next year to just 11.5 points. The power was traded again in 2012 to the Phoenix Suns where he averaged 10.1 points. Although Beasley has shown flashes of the offensive juggernaut he was in college in the aces, his defense and rebounding have fallen off considerably against better competition. Also, the power has repeatedly gotten into away the court trouble, beginning in the rookie orientation program before his fist year. A year later he checked into rehabilitation, supposedly having a dope difficulty. He was detained in 2013 on suspicion of marijuana possession in Arizona. Despite his troubles, Beasley returned to the Heat before the 2013-2014 season , and it has said he’s decided to get his career straightened out as a part of the two time defending champs. He’s not married but has a daughter and son.

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