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Michelle Knight Net Worth

Michelle Knight Net Worth

32 Years Old: the Ultimate Convenience!

Michelle Knight Net Worth 2013 Michelle Knight, a Cleveland girl who went missing over ten years past was found on May 6 2013. Michelle and two other prisoners Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus were also saved by the police who discovered the women in the home after captive Berry escaped and got help.

In May two funds were set up to financially help the three women and one of their 6 year old children who were born as a result of the incarceration. The Cleveland Courage Fund was set up by Cleveland council members. As it’s establishment the fund has gained over $1.1 million in contributions and since Michelle Knight spoke out in a viral video sharing her appreciation the fund grew $50 thousand through night. The fund will be split between the three casualties who will not be working at cleveland council. The girls now women must complete a specific amount of therapy and psychological evaluation before being permitted to work.

Knight had went missing when she was just 21 years old in 2002. According to MichelleKnight Wikipedia page she was scheduled for a court appearance the day Ariel Castro was accused of kidnapping her. Michelle was due in court to get a guardianship hearing for ehr son. Now he is 13 years old.

Because of the physical abused she put from Castro she must undergo several facial operations which will be financed by the state. Michelle also lost hearing in one ear. Prior to the abduction and imprisonment MichelleKnight encounters prior to Castro were just as damaging. MichelleKnight mother was physically violent to her and she hasn’t seen her mother who lives in Florida now. But her mother’s mom has reached out to her.

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