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Mick Foley Net Worth

How rich is Mick Foley?

Mick Foley Net Worth:
$15 Million

Birth date: June 7, 1965
Birth place: Bloomington, Indiana, United States
Height:6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight:287 lbs (130.2 kg)
Profession: Writer, Novelist, Wrestler, Comedian, Actor, Voice Actor, Author
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Collette Foley (m. 1992)
Children: Noelle Margaret Foley, Dewey Francis Foley, Hughie Francis Foley, Michael Francis Foley Jr.
Parents: Beverly Foley, Jack Foley
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Mick Foley Net Worth: 15 Million

The world of wrestling entertainment can imagine only one face when you say the phrase humanity, it’s the face of the chubby but epically insane and king of hardcore matches Mick Foley.

Height: 6.2 feet / 1.88 m
Weight: 120 Kg / 264 pound
Girlfriend / Wife : Wrestler Mick Foley wed to her girlfriend Collette Foley in 202.

The Hardcore Legend He can also be a talented voice artist that has worked as a voice actor, comedian, commentator, a fruitful author and ultimately an performer. Mick Foley is among a small number of wrestlers to grace all the main wrestling brands just like the WWE, ECW to TNA and even the Japanese wrestling circuit.
Mick Foley is nothing short of a legend in the squared circle, he has won innumerable championships through his career and has headlined several of the biggest Pay per view wrestling events in the annals of wrestling like Wrestle Mania 15, He was registered to make a staggering $500,000 for his matches on the great stages like this. He’s played many characters of which his cactus Jack, Mankind and guy love was most well-known. It was this alter ego that made him a millionaire while wrestling.
Past the Hardcore Personality Holly has had a ghastly but amusing profession, his list of achievements can certainly raise eyebrows and his life after retirement is just as eventful. Mick is now a fruitful writer and hasn’t only written some stunning novels but also some playful children’s books too, that is not something that you can get from a WWE hardcore champ. Mick has written some exceptional children’s fiction as well as the profits from the novels are all donated to the wellbeing of kids.
Foley’s House Mick Foley has given us some of the very intensive and cringe worthy matches that any human can envision, but after a gruesome match all he’d wish to do is love a beer and relax his hardcore spirit, which is just what he really does in his Long island abode that is worth $600,000. His small home in long Island, New York is a simple house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, while its common to discover wrestlers fitness center within their very own residence mick has favored to keep his work out at a real gym.
Mick might be seemingly a hardcore champ in the outside but his actual fans understand what lies underneath the skin and we don’t mean his dear buddy “Sockey”.

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