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Mike Rowe Net Worth

Mike Rowe wiki & biography:

Mike Rowe Net Worth $12 Million

The main sources of his net worth are TV presenter, actor and television producer. Produced in 1962, the TV star whose complete name is Michael Gregory Rowe is mostly referred to as the TV host of the show called “Dirty Jobs”, which are aired in the Discovery Channel and which brings millions of dollars to the total amount of Mike Rowe net worth.

Also, Mike Rowe is a narrator in various TV series and shows. Furthermore , the TV star appears in the Ford Motor Company’s advertisements. Mike Rowe was born in Baltimore and since his childhood he got on very well with his father and grandpa. In fact, during one of his interviews, the TV star said that the show “Dirty Jobs” was created for his father and grandpa.

When Mike was appointed to be the Eagle Scout, among his responsibilities was to read aloud for blind people. Afterwards, Mike Rowe said that this was what inspired him to become a narrator, the field which today adds a lot of earnings to the total amount of Mike Rowe net worth. Being an Eagle Scout meant a lot for the performer and he describes the award as being given to only selected people.

When he was a child, Mike Rowe used to go to the Kenwood Presbyterian Church and his parents still go there. When the child attended high school, he was extremely skillful and gifted during theatre and singing lessons and he describes his art teacher as the person who inspired him to pick a career as a performer.

When the child registered into college, Mike Rowe attended lessons with all the choir, which was directed by his theatre teacher from high school Freddie King. Few years later, Mike Rowe finished Towson University where he was studying Communication.

Mike Rowe started his professional singing career when he became an associate of the Baltimore Opera. Hence, along with his performing career, singing is another passion of Mike Rowe which brings a lot of success and earnings to the celeb. Consequently, narration is another enormous origin of the entire amount of Mike Rowe net worth.

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