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Mike Wolfe Net Worth

Mike Wolfe Net Worth

A Fair View of Le Claire

Mike Wolfe Net Worth in 2013 Mike Wolfe has earned his living as a respected and well known forager. For twenty years he along with his associate Frank Fritz have traveled coast to coast seeing over 200 American cities salvaging antiques and vintage items and selling them at his store Antique Archaeology in Le Claire Iowa. But his most profitable enterprise arrived when History channel began following his daily duties at his store. Since the show premiered in 2010 bringing 3.7 million viewers on the premier episode.

American Pickers is becoming one of History Channel’s highest rated show. Now in it’s fifth season Mike Wolfe is paid $500 thousand per season. The show has garnered numerous enthusiasts around the globe who’ve flocked to his store in the centre of Iowa. His client list has also grown from photographers, collectors, art directors and interior designers to include musicians, celebrities and athletes. In spite of the attention Mike remains serious about his craft. He expanded his empire to specializing in a few products. Mike has a company called Rustorations which restores and resells old light fixtures. Mike has also expanded into social networking with a forum for kids called Kid Pickers, where kids share their stories and discovers from foraging through old items. He is also had two books published by Macmillan, deals worth $2 million combined.

Mike Wolfe still lives in the small town of Le Claire. He resides with his wife Jodi Faeth married on September 8th 2012. The couple had their first daughter Charlie just seven months before the marriage. The couple was baptized in October after the couple got back from their honeymoon. They spent their Honeymoon in Hawaii.

Spouse: Jodi Wolfe
Kids: Charlie
Lives: Le Claire, Iowa
Profession: Owner Antique Archaeology

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