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Mimi Faust Net Worth

Mimi Faust Net Worth: 15 Million

The reality TV celebrity Mimi Faust has the net worth of $1.5 million. And the household was bestowed the honours to land upon the function by her boyfriend, and music producer Stevie J. The household returned the favour by becoming the mother of his kid, and by standing by his side when he was to the brink of losing all his net worth owing to mismanagement. It is stated that the household played a role in putting his child back on his feet in his career, and finances.

At times, rumours are whispered around about Stevie encounters with other girls, so perhaps to return back his favour Mimi made her se$ tape encounters along with her boyfriend. And that is when her name became popular and she burned the rumor headlines.

Mimi Faust termed herself ‘self made dance machine’, and in addition to other abilities within her, like knowing how you can spice up pulsating parties she was destined to be a news maker, and talk of the town. Afterward perhaps she thought she owed it the rapper, rumours began floating around that Mimi had become more than simply a part of the groupie, she’d become part of him, though he was married. But Mimi hasn’t been so revealing about her relationship with Ja Rule, but she knew just how to generate the suspense more thick by declaring that she knew the rapper ‘very well’.

What is the source of income of Mimi Faust?

Mimi Faust gains are not from her TV shows alone, though of course they form a good part of her bread and butter enterprises. Mimi also owns a cleaning business, ‘Keep IT Clean’, which will be based in Atlanta, Ga. Her TV provide array of services apart from specialized houses and offices cleaning services. And she has been doing so for over 13 years now. She also own couple of autos.

Mimi Faust popularity has skyrocketed with her burning se$ video, and with Vivid Entertainment having taken up the responsibility of releasing the hot video, she has become much more commercialized commodity. In the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop, Mimi will take out more attention and hopefully more dollars also.

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