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Mobb Deep Net Worth

How rich is Mobb Deep?

Mobb Deep Net Worth:
$10 Million

Profession: Hip hop duoRecord labels: G-Unit Records, Loud Records
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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Mobb Deep Net Worth

Mobb Deep

Mobb Deep is an American Hip Hop duet comprising Prodigy and Havoc. It is one of the most critically acclaimed duet from the east coast. The group is recognized for the hard and black tunes. It is one of the most famed rap groups in the whole world. They’ve sold more than 3 Millionrecords. They’ve released the 2 classic Hip Hop albums named ‘The Infamous’ and ‘Hell on earth’. They played a prime part in the emergence of east coast hip hop. The duet divided for a while in 2012 due to some internal feuds.

Mobb Deep

Havoc and Prodigy first met in a High School. The formed their rap group and named it Poetic Prophets. It’s heading single was ‘Peer Pressure’. The record did a lousy mainstream business and got negative reviews. It was created by DJ Premier and Large Professor. Havoc afterward appeared in a critically acclaimed record of the Black moon. Mobb Deep released its second record ‘The Infamous’ in 1995. The record got a critical acclaim and was an immediate hit. The depicted the adversities confronted among the road folks in Brooklyn. The lyrics were dense and genuine. With this record, Mobb Deep became one of the most prominent artists of the New York City. They were tremendously successful like their east coast contemporaries Nas, Jay Z, Biggie,and Wu-Tang Clan. Mobb Deep’s thirdalbum ‘Hell on Earth’ was released in 1996. It debuted at #6 on theBillboard charts. The record was favorably fulfilled by the critics and was an immediate hit. It was#1 R&B Hip Hop record that time. With that, Mobb deep received enormous fame and success. The appeared in the compilation CD ‘America is dying slowly’ along with Wu-Tang clan and Fat Joe. The record was made to raise consciousness about AIDS among the African men and women. It is regarded as a hip hop classic. Mobb Depp released their 4th record ‘Infamy’ in 2001. The record got lukewarm response from many critics. Although, many critics praised the record and it wasa commercial success. Infamy was a answer to Jay Z’s disses in his celebrated record ‘The Blueprint’. Mobb Deep released its next record and it was named ‘Americaz Nightmare’. The record sold about 4,00,000 copies and was considered a feeble launch devoid of much promotion and hoopla. Although it received good reviews from the critics. A tune in the record was featured on Grand Theft Auto IV. Mobb Deep is regarded as a legendary Hip Hop duo and the critics are accountable for the resurgence of East side hip hop. The Duo split up for a while in 2011 due to some differences. Havoc even made a diss track aimed at prodigy. Yet, critics accommodated their differences and are working on a brand new record that’s slated to be released in2014.

Havoc and Prodigy are a renowned hip hop group and are incredibly wealthy. Havoc and Prodigy have sold more than 3 Million albums in their own career and have earned a bundle through it. Mobb Deep has an extremely large fan base. Its new record is anticipated to sell numerous copies.

Mobb Deep, we our own energy, you know I am sayin’? It’s not like we not all of a part of a big group. Mobb Deep is Mobb Deep, M.O.P. is M.O.P., Mase is Mase, Yayo is Yayo, everybody’s individual. Everybody’s gonna get taking care of one at a time. It’s not like we’re doing everything at once. There’s an order of how things is going down. The albums gonna come out in a certain sequence, so the priority is in a particular sequence. And fundamentally, we self contained. We be doing albums for years.

“It’s not like our own label. We don’t desire our own label no more. It’s larger than that, you know Fitty sayin’? It’s so much money to be made and it’s so much to do. We don’t have time to run our own label. All we got time for is to go on tour, work on the music and work on whatever else businesses that we gonn’ do to make money.”

“Regular we’re in the studio just workin’. As soon as we woke up, we went downstairs and started doing music. Now we purchased our own studio outside the crib. So we just meet up there and work on some music.”

We in business, it turned out to be a business deal. So it was like larger than a record deal.

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