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Neyo Net Worth

Neyo Net Worth $16 Million

It has been reported that Neyo net worth is as high as 16 million dollars which makes him one of the wealthiest rappers in the music industry. Along with truly being a rapper, he is referred to as a song writer and also an actor which help to increase the entire quantity of Neyo net worth a lot. NeYo, whose real name is Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr, is also referred to as a record producer and also a dancer.

Ne-Yo started his career in music industry while being only a song writer. His first bug hit which he composed was for singer named Mario to whom he composed a song “Let Me Love You”. The single became instant success and increased not only Mario’s, but also Neyo net worth. After such a huge success, NeYo was offered to sign a contract handle Def Jam Records.

In 2006 NeYo released his debut album which was entitled “In My Own Words”. In 2007, his second record called “Because of You” was released. It contained the single of the exact same title as the record which hit the US Top 3. One year later, Ne-Yo’s third record came to the people that has been called “Year of the Gentleman”. The record contained three successful singles, “Miss Independent”, “Closer” and “Mad”. The sales of all of the albums increased Neyo net worth a lot. In 2010, the singer’s another record was released which was called “Libra Scale”.

In 2009 Billboard’s list of the Artists of 2000 decade NeYo occupied the 57th position. Along with being a successful act by himself, NeYo has also composed songs for other artists which additionally gained immense success.

NeYo was born in Arkansas. His name Chimere is originated from the Igbo language. Both of his parents are of African American origins. Additionally, his mom has Chinese origins, too. His mom and father were both involved in music. But when NeYo was merely a kid his parents divorced. Seeking for better opportunities for her kid, his mom decided to move to Las Vegas, Nevada jointly with Ne-Yo.

He used this nickname when he started performing with his first band called “Envy”. In 2000, the band decided to go their own manners and NeYo began to write music for other acts and later became a solo singer.

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