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Nigo Net Worth

Nigo Net Worth $1.15 Billion

Nigo is rather a popular name in entertainment business. Being of Japanese source, he’s among the most successful music producers of the state. Therefore, there isn’t any surprise that music continues to be the primary source of Nigo net worth as well as his popularity.

His line is also called “Bape”. Therefore, his businessman profession has additionally added to his overall popularity in addition to raised the entire amount of Nigo net worth.

Talking about him as a fashion designer, Nigo started to sell “Bape” hoodies along with tshirts in one small shop. Shortly, these garments pieces became extremely popular amongst adolescent crowds.

Although this brand is fairly popular, not lots of folks can get clothes of the brand because of the fact the only shop which supplies “Bape” goods in found in Nyc. However, his enterprise into trend has raised the total quantity of Nigo net worth. Additionally, there was another shop supplying “Bape” goods in La, yet, the store was shut in 2010.

Along with handling these brands, Nigo can also be a co-originator of two more clothes lines, those being “Ice Cream Footwear” and “Billionaire Boys Club”. He’s co-working on these brands with a well-known entertainer, Pharrell Williams.

As well as working with him in fashion industry, Nigo has additionally collaborated with Pharrell Williams in music. Another man whose name can also be connected with Nigo is Kanye West. Nigo can also be an important part of a popular Japanese group called “Teriyaki Boyz” and in this group he’s serving as a DJ. So, music another major source of Nigo net worth. Nigo can also be a creator of a record label called BAPE Sounds.

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