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Norah Jones Net Worth

Norah Jones wiki & biography:

Norah Jones Net Worth $25 Million

Norah Jones is a famous musician on the market. It’s been said that now Norah Jones net worth reaches a amount of 25 million dollars. Along with her participation into singing and songwriting, she’s also referred to as an actress, although music is regarded as the primary supply of her popularity along with Norah Jones net worth.

The record was exceptional in a sense that it blended rather lots of music genres, including pop, jazz and country music. The sales of the record were also high, which resulted into the record being certified as diamond. 23 million copies of the record have already been sold, which likewise raised the overall amount of Norah Jones net worth. Along with that, as a result of her successful record, Norah Jones was given with five Grammy awards.

Each record continues to be sold more than 1 million copies. Additionally, they all received well opinions from music critics. In 2012, a fifth record of the vocalist premiered, that was called “Little Broken Hearts”, which also did well.

In 2004, her second record was launched, that was called “Feels Like Home”. 3 years after, a third record of the vocalist premiered, that was titled “Not Too Late”. In an identical year, 2007, Norah Jones also began her career as an actress, as for the reason that year she appeared in a film called “My Blueberry Nights”. So, her profession into film has also added up to the total number of Norah Jones net worth. In 2009, another record of the vocalist premiered, that was titled “The Fall”.

More than 50 million copies of her records are sold, which all added up to her popularity in addition to her financial status, thereby, raising the overall amount of her net worth.

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