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Phil Robertson Net Worth

How rich is Phil Robertson?

Phil Robertson Net Worth:
$15 Million

Birth date: April 24, 1946
Birth place: Vivian, Louisiana, United States
Profession: Entrepreneur
Education: Louisiana Tech University
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Kay Robertson (m. 1966)
Children: Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Jules Jeptha Robertson, Alan Merritt Robertson
Siblings: Si Robertson, Jan Robertson
TV shows: Duck Dynasty
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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Phil Robertson wiki & biography:

Phil Robertson is the head honcho of the Duck Commander team. Forty years ago, Phil started the heritage that would become Duck Dynasty. His son Willie took things to the next level when he became CEO of the company. Many members of the family are part of the reality TV show that has become such a big hit on A&E.

Many of us don’t know about the fit history of Phil Robertson. How great was he? Well, we played ahead of the very well-known NFL player Terry Bradshaw! Robertson was drafted in the NFL but turned down the chance as it interfered with duck hunting season. Now that is a man that is enthusiastic about his hunting like no other!

The Duck Commander company has existed for more than 40 years. It creates many different products that duck hunters use to make hunting easier. The highest selling merchandise is a duck call called Duck Commander that was made by Phil. He created it in 1973 and it’s still considered to be the most dependable duck call to use.

They have four children together, all sons. During the filming of Duck Dynasty, Phil and his sons grow out their beards until the season is finished.

Phil isn’t a devotee of technology and refuses to use a cell phone or a computer. He does not have a computer in his house. He discourages his grandchildren from such gadgets, stating it will turn them into yuppies.

So just how much is $15 million dollars really?

Phil is such a straightforward man that it’s difficult to consider spending $5 million if you aren’t interested in technology and other types of extravagances. He does like camo patterns and with his budget he’d be able to afford a Realtree Camo Tie which comes with a $59 price tag, actually he can purchase 254,237 of these (originally he could buy 80,000 with his earlier $5m net worth). But, let us face it. Phil isn’t the tie wearing kind. Together with his love of football, he could create a great arena for $15 million and get a massive return on the investment. As the owner, he could even plan the schedule to ensure it wouldn’t interfere with duck hunting! A&E revoked the Phil Robertson prohibition by the end of December 2013. Phil Robertson’s net worth has been updated from $5 million to $15 million!How much is Phil Robertson’s Net Worth? $15 Million!

Phil Alexander Robertson was born on April 24, 1946 in Vivian, Louisiana. He grew up in poverty, without electricity or indoor plumbing. As a kid, Robertson and his siblings learned to be self sufficient, living off the land and hunting daily for food. Robertson married Marsha “Kay” Carroway in 1966. After receiving a scholarship and attending Louisiana Tech University, where he was a star on the football team, Phil turned down an opportunity to play for the Washington Redskins because he felt it would interfere with his passion for duck hunting. He received his master’s degree in education, and he taught for many years. Phil and Kay have four sons: Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep.

In 1972, Robertson developed the Duck Commander Duck Call. This duck call represented a vast improvement over present calls of the day. Phil’s firm, Duck Commander, grew into a hunting accessory empire and is currently run by Willie Robertson, Phil’s third son. Duck Dynasty has experienced phenomenal popularity, consistently bringing in over eight million viewers per episode. Phil’s memoir, titled “Happy, Happy, Happy,” reached #1 on the best seller’s list, with sales of nearly one million copies. Phil and his family are committed Christians having a strong belief in the ability of the Bible as God’s word.

In the year 2012, Duck Commander sold 600,000 duck calls, representing a tenfold increase from regular annual income of 60,000 per year before the Robertsons’ television days. Phil Robertson’s estimated net worth is $15 million today.

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