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Queen Latifah Net Worth

Queen Latifah Net Worth $50 Million

Queen Latifah whose real name is Dana Elaine Owens was born in New Jersey. A lot of the Queen Latifah net worth comes from her careers as a vocalist, song writer, music producer, performer and complete becoming involved largely into rapping music. Besides that, Queen Latifah has acquired a great deal of cash from her touring all around the world as well as from her appearances on the TV display. Overall, Queen Larifah has released seven music albums, which will be fairly a massive amount for a recording artist. Moreover, she has won one Grammy award for her achievements in music.

As well as her music career, Queen Latifah can also be a regular guest on TV display. In has appeared in numerous talk shows as well as other TV programs. Such recognition does not only boost her spirit, but also increase the Queen Latifah net worth.

In addition, the star was nominated for many other awards like Emmy and Oscar awards. Produced in 1970, Queen Latifah also tries to pursue a livelihood of a model, which isn’t going along with her singing or performing careers as a few of the folks would indicate. Giving some background information and biographical details, Queen Latifah was born to her mom who was a teacher and her father who was a police officer. Also, her parents divorced while the star was still a child.

Catholic’s name “Queen Latifah” really means ‘delicate’ and ‘type’ from the Arabic language, which she learnt while she studied in high school. Because she was fairly taller than most of her classmates, Queen Latifah was elected to play in her school’s basketball team. Queen Latifah’s first public performance is sometimes considered herself’s character in her school play “Wizard of Oz” where she performed a tune called “Home”. Therefore, it would appear that her decision to stay with all the music profession proved to be a right one since Queen Latifah net worth makes her to be one among the most affluent people on the planet with a net worth of 50 million dollars.

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