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Rebecca Lobo Net Worth

Rebecca Lobo Net Worth: 15 Million

Rebecca Lobo is the name of the fear that every basketball player has to face within their career. She is the inspirational along with great criticizer who’s even admired as an ambitious character on TV world. She was visible in the court in the centre position to control the match in every situation.

Weight: 64 Kg or 141 pound
Measurement :
Partner: Married toSteve Rushin in 2003

Net Worth
Rebecca lobo is the American basketball player in addition to basketball analyst that has been making the unbreakable record of 35-0 has today an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. She is the lady who has marched into the basketball hall of fame with her exceptionally brilliant performance which has led other to shock.

Howsoever, her story of actual salary has not yet been revealed and has let everyone to a stage of surprise. She has a fantastic history associated with her WNBA career which has credit enormous sum in her account. Eventually, now she has retired from her playing career and took off the journalism career where she has triumphed. Currently, she’s paid a fantastic sum that rise up her ultimate career and lifestyle. Touchwood! To her perfect career that would be flowering every day to a fresh direction.

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