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Rhonda Aikman Net Worth

Rhonda Aikman is the ex wife of former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback and current Fox NFL commentator Troy Aikman, who has a net worth of $10 million. Rhonda Aikman met Troy when she was working as a publicist for the Cowboys organization and got married to the star athlete on April 8, 2000. Rhonda had a daughter from a previous union named Rachel Worthey and went on to have two more daughters with Troy, Jordan Ashley produced in 2001 and Alexa Marie born in 2002. Rhonda stayed comparatively outside the limelight during their marriage but that is concerning the change as she is set to turned into one the stars of Bravo’s newest reality series The Real Housewives of Dallas. Rhonda now lives in a $1.5 million Dallas mansion that she bought in November 2011, three full months before their separation became official. Troy is now considered the most eligible bachelor in Dallas which makes for some anxiety inside their new lives as single parents. It’ll be really interesting to observe how it all plays out on TV!

Rhonda Aikman Net Worth
Rhonda Aikman has a net worth of $10 Million. She is the former wife of Troy Aikman, who is now a commentator in Fox NFL, and in addition has been a Quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys.

Rhonda was away from all focus during her union with Troy, but this has changed, as she’s eventually become a star of the reality series on Bravo, “The Real Housewives of Dallas”. She now lives in a mansion in Dallas that has been valued at $1.5 Million. A lot of people now consider that Troy is at this time on the list of most eligible bachelors in Dallas, which adds to the nervousness in their lives of being single parents.

Rhonda Aikman met her future husband Troy, at the time she was active as the publicist for the organization run by the Cowboys. She married the athlete on April 8th 2000. Rhonda has a daughter who was born from a past union — Rachel Worthey.

Rhonda Aikman got divorced from Troy after spending ten years of wedded life with him. The couple had married in 2001, which was months after Aikman retired from his successful career of 12 years. They announced that they were separating in January, but they didn’t give the exact reason supporting the split. It had been rumored the couple started splitting their properties before they were about to break formally. Recently, Rhonda was arrested for being drunk in public.

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