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Ringo Starr Net Worth

How rich is Ringo Starr?

Ringo Starr Net Worth:
$300 Million

Birth date: July 7, 1940
Birth place: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Profession: Drummer, Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Actor, Singer-songwriter, Peace activist, Cinematographer, Lyricist, Film director
Nationality: United Kingdom
Spouse: Barbara Bach (m. 1981), Maureen Starkey Tigrett (m. 1965–1975)
Children: Zak Starkey, Lee Starkey, Jason Starkey
Music groups: The Beatles (1962 – 1970)
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Ringo Starr Net Worth $300 Million

It has been said that Ringo Starr net worth has an approximation of 300 million dollars. To people, Ringo is mainly known as a musician, singer and an actor. Ringo Starr was born in England, the United Kingdom, where he was likewise raised. Nevertheless, when he attended school as a young child, he was identified as having a disease which forced him to leave school when he was thirteen years of age.

But Ringo Starr was still allowed to finish secondary school. The areas which were the simplest for the star were artwork, drama and, interestingly, mechanics. In 1962, he replaced Pete Best in the group “The Beattles”. Ringo Starr became a drummer and began new kind of playing using the drums. The star played the drums with RingoStarr hand in the right hand instrument. The rhythm and the sound of this type of combination created the style that’s mainly loved by percussionists. The group was widely popular and it also brought a lot of money to the total sum of Ringo Starr net worth. Additionally, Ringo Starr was a co-writer of such famed “The Beatles” tunes as “Yellow Submarine” and “Octopus’s Garden”. He not even co-wrote them, but also was a leading singer in these types of tunes. Nevertheless, in 1970 “The Beatles” chose to go their very own ways. Therefore, Ringo Starr began a career as a solo singer.

Ringo Starr also played in movies.

Many of them were produced while he was still in “The Beatles” and some of them were released after the group split. Talking about his family situation, in 1965 he married Maureen Cox. But the married couple divorced in 1975, exactly ten years later after their marriage. Ringo Starr collectively with Maureen Cox has three children collectively. Thus, although his personal life is not going that well, his career seems to be getting better and better through time, which likewise increases Ringo Starr net worth.

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