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Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth

Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth 170 Million

Robert Downey Jr Net Worth: $85 million

The New York- born A-list celebrity “Robert Downey Jr’ is definitely one of the top-paid performers in Hollywood. His revolutionary beard and mustache style has clearly been stealing hearts globally. He made his first screen appearance at age 5. He has consistently hit headlines due to the massive success of his movies such as The Avengers and Iron Man. In a contract clause that made him as wealthy as his onscreen alter ego ‘Tony Stark’, he made a whopping $50 million cut off the movie “The avengers” tremendous box office collection. And the Marvel studio is not the only one pinning their hopes on the bizarre charm of RDJ; Sherlock Holmes has also brought rather a share of interest.


RDJ was born on April 4, 1965 in New York. His dad Robert Downy is a film producer. However, he neglected to keep himself clean and faced jail term. The once troubled celebrity has gone through various phases during his four decades in Hollywood from a being a puppy to doghouse to Top dog in the business. He clearly has one heroic story of getting over addiction and facing trials and then his comeback. A perfect Hollywood ending, we say!

The making of a celeb

Himself became a youthful star at age 5 during 1980s by starring in movies such as Less Than Zero in 1987 and Chances Are in 1989. His performance in the hit movie “Charlie Chaplin” (1992) got him nominated for an Oscar at age 27. Starting from 1996 until 2001 himself always hit headlines for distinct form, piling up arrests for drugs and alcohol offences and had to ultimately spend a while in jail. Himself got released in 2000 and returned to little display with Ally McBeal only to face charges and get arrested two more times by the end of 2001. Yet, it was Iron Man in 2008 that got him his long due credit that was followed by a comedy by Ben stiller called Tropic Thunder in 2008 in which he played an actor who undergoes surgery to make himself seem Afroamerican.

Soon after the launch of Sherlock Holmes, Downey Jr got a golden ball for his portrayal of the famous detective of Baker Street. Although his gains have been a little haphazard before couple of years but business magazine Forbes still gives him as the fourth greatest value celebrity of 2010 because of the vast yields he helps to create in return of his pay and proposing that it is time he should ask for a fatter pay.

Gains and Financial Data

He’s made about $85 million in the last four years and the gains only appear to grow. He has been labeled as the fourth greatest value actor by Forbes and he also manages to share some percent of box office grossing and production. After 2010 he has only been on a highway with high pays for pictures like Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows for which he billed $15 million; Due Date in 2010 for which he billed $12 million and Iron Man 2 in 2010 for which he billed $10 million.

He’s additionally signed commercials with Nissan motors. Forbes along with his wife created Team Downy in 2010 which can be a production business. Forbes additionally has an agency called Creative Arts Agency (CAA).

This really is the place where he dwells

Malibu House

When it comes to picking a house, Robert downy Jr does get down and private. Himself lives in a beautiful house in downtown Malibu, California which seemingly cost him $13.4 million which he purchased in 2009 along with his wife Susan Levin. Their ocean confronting estate in spread across 3500 square feet of ranch houses. The house has four bedrooms and each room has its set of bathroom. The house also hosts an outdoor patio, horse stalls and pastures. There are vaulted ceilings and an inbuilt fitness center. The fairytale like dwelling’s drive is fenced with scenic tress.

Cars He Drives

Acura NSX Roadster

Tony Stark might just be fiction for us but his taste undoubtedly isn’t! Robert Downey Jr once again tasted success after his hit franchise Iron Man and The avengers. And his car, which was custom made for his character in the movie, clearly represents it.

Bentley Continental GT

The celebrity has been photographed many times with his matte green Bentley GT.

Audi A7

The accelerated, fashionable and hitech model of Audi A7 is one more in the kitty of precious Tony Stark.

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