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Roger Goodell Net Worth

How rich is Roger Goodell?

Roger Goodell Net Worth:
$75 Million

Birth date: February 19, 1959
Birth place: Jamestown, New York, United States
Profession: Actor
Education: Washington & Jefferson College
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Jane Skinner (m. 1997)
Parents: Charles Goodell
Siblings: Michael Goodell, Tim Goodell
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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Roger Goodell Net Worth

Career/Profession: National Football League Commissioner

Roger Goodell is the Commissioner of National Football League who has a net worth of about $75 million. He’s got this standing after the successfully winning the contest over four finalists. He was chosen for the president of NFL charities and this duty comes along as a substitution with the Commissioner’s job. Commentators in NFL season 2006 entitled him as ‘the strongest guy in sports’ all over the state.

Star of the season:

Goodell took arrival in Jamestown, Ny on February 19th, 1959. He was born to Senator Charles Ellsworth Goodell and Jean Goodell. He previously completed his schooling from Bronxville High School. Due to various injuries Goodell got in high school, he was unable to play football.

Journey from Intern to COO:

Goodell stars began to shine in 1982 when he was chosen as the administrative intern of NFL in New York. In 1983 he moved to New York Jets for the internship, but again took a transition and moved as an assistant in the marketing section in the league office in 1984. In 1987, he was chosen for the position of President of the American Football Conference. Being the NFL’s COO, he got the responsibility for various operations in Football league as well as became the manager of league’s business functions. Coo also became the head of NFL ventures which had to manage all the functions of marketing and sales department, arena development and media properties too.

Goodell involved himself in the Collective bargaining agreement between the NFLPA and NFL owners in 2011. Goodell also played a lead role in the expansion and realignment of league, development of the arena. Goodell also procured new arrangements on television and found NFL Network.

Tough Competition for Commissioner:

Goodell was chosen as a commissioner after the retirement of Paul Tagliabue. Paul formed a committee owned by Dan Rooney, who belonged to the Pittsburgh Steelers for the investigation of his successor. Goodell was in the list of five finalists, including Robert Reynolds, Mayo Shattuck III, Gregg Levy and Frederick Nance. In the fifth ballot two owners swung their votes. And finally he was selected as the commissioner of the NFL in 2006 after Paul Tagliabue. His primary obligation being the commissioner of the NFL would be to keep the integrity of the game and protect the shield.

New policies launched by him:

In 2007, NFL Personal Conduct Policy came into existence after the scandal of NFL players off the field. Chris Henry and Pacman Jones were the two players who were suspended as a result of this new policy. A month later Tank Johnson was suspended as a result of weapon organization and drunk driving. Goodell also suspended Dallas Cowboys and fined him $100,000. Rodney Harrison also caught because of the illegal of forbidden medical products. He also began a policy by which no misbehavior will be accepted in the field. He began charging fine for that and various players became a target of this like James Harrison, Dunta Robinson etc. He highlights more on the safe techniques to play the game. This approach was criticized by various players and they felt that he was making wrong use of his power and trying to inflict his decision over them. In 2007, Rodney became a danger for New England Patriots after the illegal work done them of making a video tape of the signals. He firstly determined to suspend Bill Belichick, but then he believed charging fine of $250,000 would be more powerful than the suspension.

Got money by charging fine:

In 2012, Goodell came across New Orleans Saints by which Saints players were paid bonuses after knocking opposite players out of the game. Goodell launched a bounty program by which he put harsh penalties on the Saint defensive players. Goodell also suspended Williams and he would not be able to employ again till 2012 end.

Personal Life:

Goodell got married to Jane Skinner, anchor from Fox News Channel. The couple together has two double daughters. The couple has four brothers who will work in the big companies and adapting great positions in it.

Salary along with Bonuses:

Roger has an estimated net worth of about $ 75 million being the Commissioner of National Football League. He has a base salary of about $7.2 million with a bonus of about $37 million. During the span of 2012-2013 Roger brought in $44.2 million, including his salary and bonuses both.


he has one guest house in Peninsula near sea shores. His sources found that he creates $6 billion in a year. He was quite fond of going on vacations so one of his apartment is under building in Prouts, Maine and this is known as his home of Summer.

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