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Roxy Sowlaty Net Worth

Roxy – a Quick Outline

Roxy Sowlaty is an American socialite and reality television personality who has a net worth of $100 thousand. Roxy Sowlaty lives in Beverly Hills, California, and grew up in an exceedingly rich Persian family. Her father, Sam Sowlaty, is a Persian printing mogul who is situated in la. She’s now working for her own interior design firm and is trying to grow her business, but is struggling to correct to reeling in her lavish spending habits after losing her monthly allowance; this has made her very invested in making her company a success. She’s one of many subjects of the reality series, “Affluent Kids of Beverly Hills” on E!. The show follows a small group of incredibly wealthy twenty-somethings as the live, work, and party in California. Roxy has been working in design since the age of 16 when she began a clothing line along with her sister Tara called RoxTar. Upon earning her undergraduate degree from USC’s Marshall School of Business, Roxy decided that she desired to re focus her design interests from fashion to interior design. She enrolled in the Parsons New School of Design to acquire her Master degree in Interior Design. During her time in nyc, Roxy was employed as a freelancer on a lot of residential jobs in Manhattan, along with a home in Aspen. Roxy never leaves home without her small dog, Lychee.

Roxy Sowlaty is an American socialite, freelance interior designer and a reality show personality that has an estimate net worth of $100 thousand. She is an interior designer by profession. Sowlaty began a clothes line along with her sister, Tara called RoxTar. She was employed as a freelancer for several residential projects in New York.She appeared on the hit reality show, Rich Kid of Beverly Hills. Roxy Sowlaty was born on May 21, 1988 in Beverly Hills, California. Afterward, Sowlaty obtained her masteral degree in Interior Design at Parsons New School of Design. She is the daughter of Acuprint’s CEO, Sam Sowlaty.

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