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Samir Nasri Net Worth

Samir Nasri Net Worth $9 Million

Net Worth $ 9 Million

Samir Nasri Net Worth

Nasri was playing in a junior team in La Gavotte Peyret for one year before moving to Pennes Mirabeau at age seven years. When he became a junior football player at the team Pennes, Nasri was found by Freddy Assolen, a talent scout in the team Marseille.Nasri plays a vital role in attaining success for Marseille in the title Championnat de Provence, Coupe de Provence and Lige de la Mditerrane.

Olympique de Marseille president Pape Diouf, offering a three-year professional contract for Nasri and he signed the contract on August 13, 2004. Nasri made ??his introduction for Marseille on September 12 in a league match against Sochaux.

Nasri debuted for the City in a match against Tottenham Hotspur on August 28. With the Citizen, Samir Nasri wages is about $8.4 Million a year. And it was reported that Samir Nasri net worth increasingly to the sum $9 Million.

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