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Scott Storch Net Worth

Scott Storch wiki & biography:

Scott Storch Net Worth $10 Million

It’s been claimed that Scott Storch net worth has an approximation of 10 thousand dollars. To the surprise of a lot of the people, it’s quite shocking that Scott Storch net worth is lower than the net worth of the numerous hip hop artists he’s made. Therefore, the majority of his net worth comes from creating rising and already renowned hip hop stars. The reason why his net worth is so low lays in the reality that Scott Storch has gone bankrupt.

Before that Scott Storch net worth was around 70 million dollars, nevertheless after the bankrupt scandal it lowered till 10 thousand dollars, which he’s now. Besides that, he spent lots of his cash on his girlfriends, for example Paris Hilton whom he once had been dating. Also, Scott Storch was lately permitted to leave the rehab and now is attempting to get on with his life.

Also, his mansion that was established in Palm Island and which was worth nearly 11 million dollars was sold to Russell Weiner, who’s a creator of Rock Star energy drink company, in 2010. Besides that, it had been sold to get a lesser quantity of money — nearly seven million dollars. Therefore, although Scott Storch had some troubles in his life, he is attempting to do his best and get on his track once again.

Moreover, Scott is currently attempting to collaborate with among the very most popular singers globally Chris Brown. Scott Storch made among his singles called “Run It”, which reached number one position in many different countries. In addition, Scott Storch still had some issues he needed to mend. For instance, in 2008 the music producer was arrested because he failed to pay child’s support. Also, in 2009 the music was arrested once again. It was because he failed to give back the Bentley which he was designed to pay for and he’d not done that for seven months time.

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