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Serge Ibaka Net Worth

Serge Ibaka Net Worth: 8 Million

Serge Ibaka is the Spanish guy who’s recognized as the man of triumph in the realm of basketball together with his great height that makes him the rookies of the year together with the enormous expansion in the organization of four years since 2013.
Serge IbakaHeight: 6.10 feet or 2.08 m
Weight: 107 Kg or 236 pound
Spouse: Serge Ibaka is currently dating withKeri Hilson.
Salary together with the support and evidence it has been confirmed that serge has the net worth of $9million in his account accumulated as the net saving.
Cars Serge is a fortunate man who as his house has his autos gifted by someone in his pal and relatives. Cars Serge has a lot of prestigious automobiles that leaves him an especial feel while he is inside it. he respects those collection of autos as a sign of power and functionality as it has been boasted with everything that would makes it the choice of youth in terms of interior, exterior, safety, power, speed and many features makes those an exclusive alternative to be properly used. He’s fond of the brands for example Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes and many more which are for sale in his parking zone.
Imperial Dwelling Serge Ibaka who’s considered to be a small town lad of Spain has bunches of fondness for his hometown that is bestowed with the wonders of his amazing ancestral home, where even today he resides. That is a lavishing home having a spectacular encompassing that makes it perfect destination to get a basketball star to live in. It is a regal property is worth of $1.5 million as per the now market value. This villa appears ravishing as well as is featured together with the bedroom and bathroom for every individual dwelling in house. The furniture used in this house leaves the visitors a feel of wow at its glance. Moreover, the ample of light making a call to each corner of the house make the house seem happier and also the adorable beauty offered together with the comfy couch, stunning mirror work, glass center table and magnificent flooring adds a fresh allure to the house.

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