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Shakira Mebarak Net Worth

Shakira Mebarak Net Worth: 8 Million

Shakira Mebarakis the sensational beauty and pop singer of Hollywood who had international image received as a pop star who actually belongs to Colombia. But together with the passage of time is becoming a notable picture in the world of glam as a belly dancer, song writer producers and foremost as a singer together with the success of over 120 album on the other side of the world till date. She’s even admired as the amazing Latina singer with the released of all-time favorite “Gloria Estefan”.
Date Of Birth: February 02, 1977
Shakira MebarakHeight: 5.2 feet or 1.57 m
Weight: 56 Kg or 124 pounds
Net Worth:
Shakira who’s shining her ability as a pop singer has the estimate net worth of around $220 million that makes even get counted amongst the most affluent celeb of the entire world. She’s even propelling in this world together with her philanthropist nature that in return renders her blessing for successful livelihood that is really fruiting well. Her debut album was actually very rocking called as “laundry service” that has promoted around 20 million of copies throughout the world.
Year Sort Record Amount Of Copies Sale Sum Earned
1991 Record Sale Album “Magia” $1,250
1995 Record Sale Album “Pies Descalzos” 5 Million Copies $5,200,000
1998 Record Sale Album “DndeEstn Los Ladrones?” 7 Million Copies $7,500,000
2001 Record Sale Album “Laundry Service” 4 Million Copies $4,100,000
2003 Ticket Sale N/A $72,000,000
2005 Record Sale Album “Oral Fixation Vol 2” 8 Million Copies $8,700,000
2005 Record Sale Album “Fijacin Oral, Vol. 1” 4 Million Copies $4,200,000
2006 N/A N/A N/A $38 million
2007 Ticket Sale “Oral Fixation Tour” $100,000,000
2008 Contact For 10 Years “Live State Organization” $300,000,000
2009 Record Sale Album “She Wolf” $2,050,000
2010 Record Sales Album “Sale El Sol” $2,060,000
2010 Performance Fee “Freixenet Traditional” Aired On Christmas TV Commercial $662,085
2011 Ticket Sales The Sun Comes Out World Tour $53,300,000
2013 Salary For “The Voice” N/A $12,000,000
2014 Album “Shakira” 376,000 Copies One of her best investment is the Miami Beach house of Florida that’s located in the star isle that as per the current market is worth of $5.9 million but was bought at the value of $3.4 million. This house has been engrafted together with the Mediterranean touch in styling which has been boasted inside a space of 6,500 sq. ft. for the insertion of brilliantly beautified 5 bathrooms along with connected washroom and additional 1 and half bath in other area of the home. This has been bestowed together with the regal appearance with the lovely pool as well as the personal pier and the captivate view of the Biscayne Bay. Barcelona home is certainly one of the breathtaking property investment created by Shakira but this house was bought in a joint venture together with his boyfriend. That is an isolated Spanish house boasted with extraordinarily bigger room along with the best functioned security along with the open balcony possessing set of beautiful green plants.
LuxuriousCars The magnificent singer, Shakira, likes her greatest sets of autos which are thought to be luxurious refinement in term of style. Amongst her set, Mercedes Benz S600 has topped the list with its effective measures in term of perfection together with the luxury and fashion. Sideway she is even found as the animal number of cars such as Mercedes Benz SL550 that’s thought to be the best looking car that symbolize luxurious and incredible functionality. Mercedes Benz GLK is the auto known because of its classy layout in addition to aggressive and bold fashion. Amongst her other elaborate automobile is the BMWX6 that known globally because of its beauty that fits Shakira persona. Beside this, she’s been gifted a number of luxurious auto amongst which Mercedes Benz SLK 250 tops the list.
Stunning Island Beside this, she is likewise the owner of an isle called as Bonds Cay that is Private Island that measures 700 acres stretched about 125 miles east coast of Florida recalled as Berry Island. This isle is beautified with the 3 hushed salt pond lakes as well as the 5 other important beaches plus a resort concept on the way that sum up to $485 million.

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