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Shia Labeouf Net Worth

Shia Labeouf Net Worth $25 Million

Shia Labeouf is among the hottest performers of today. So it’s quite remarkable that this kind of youthful performer has amassed this type of high net worth already. Shia Labeouf got involved into film business, when he was a teen. In those days, the teenager appeared in various TV shows, which got him lots of expertise in playing. Still, it wasn’t until the teenager became playing for the Disney Channel. The teenager was casted to appear in the time’s show called “Even Stevens”, which brought lots of monetary success and began to collect Shia Labeouf net worth.

It’s been asserted that the teenager brings in from 5 to 10 million dollars for every movie where he appears. Shia Labeouf debuted as a professional performer in a movie called “Holes”, that was released in 2003. The film was based on a novel composed by the writer Louis Sachar.

Besides being an actor, Shia Labeouf is also called a director. In 2004, the actor directed his first film that was titled “Let’s Love Hate”. In 2011, the actor a short film called “Maniac”, where celebrities like Cage and Kid Cudi appeared. So, directing is another way to obtain Shia Labeouf net worth.

In exactly the same year the director auditioned to get a part in another successful movie “Transformers”, where he portrayed a primary character named Sam Witwicky. The film got rather a lot of different views, but despite that it proved to be among the most successful and greatest earning movies of the year 2007. Overall, all parts of Transformers movies added lots of sales to Shia Labeouf net worth.

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