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Sophie Turner Net Worth

How rich is Sophie Turner?

Sophie Turner Net Worth:
$3 Million

Birth date: February 21, 1996
Birth place: Northampton, United Kingdom
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession: Film actress
Nationality: England
Nominations: Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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Sophie Turner wiki & biography:

Sophie Turner is an English actress that has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Sophie Turner began her acting career when she auditioned for the character as Sansa Stark in the hit HBO medieval fantasy television show, Game of Thrones. Then, she got the lead character in the 2013 movie, Panda Eyes. During the season one of Game of Thrones ended, she and her family adopted a dog that was Stark’s direwolf, Woman in the said show. She attended King’s High School.
When you hear the name Sophie Turner you’re instinctively not interested in something that dialogue would hold because of her portrayal of Sansa Stark in the success series Game of Thrones, she is certainly one of a small number of individuals who you love to despise on account of the whiny spineless character she plays but don’t forget to see that this young star is just not only one of the popular and happeningbunch but she is also packing quite a few bucks in her bag. Sansa is the 18 year old star that has racked up an impressive $5 Million in the previous three years as her net worth, which will be forecast to spike as this really is hardly the start of her career.
Date Of Birth: February 21, 1996
Weight: 55 Kg or 121 pounds
Partner: Spouse: is currently single
A lifetime in Acting it is not unusual for you to hear that actors have spent their entire life in the stage but that is usually an exaggeration but not in the event of Sophie Turner, she has been part of The Playbox theatre company since she couldn’t even walk. Turner not only earned her pocket money from doing plays with ‘The Playbox theatre company’ but also was encouraged by them to audition for the part on the Game of Thrones.
This young star has received critical acceptance of her portrayal of Sansa Stark as she played the character amazingly nicely. While its uncertain, reports claim that Sophie turner along with her young costars are paid something close to $55,000 per episode of the show. Her character who has merely been freed of the torment has a ways to go in the show and its particular particular that she’ll continue to play the character nicely.
Income from Movie & TV serial Through the filming of the Game of Thrones show Sophie hasn’t sat quietly, but she’s auditioned for pictures and kept herself busy in attempting to grow and spread her reach in the performing community. She went on to play in the 2013 movie ‘Another Me’ and ‘The Thirteenth Tale’ and she will be playing the lead in the 2014 movie ‘Barely Lethal’. Youthful celebrities like Sophie are usually paid close to $250,000 for their characters in films but there’s no evidence of any details yet.
Sophie has surely made a pretty penny through acting as she considers it merely a hobby and intends to further her career in a variety of manners.
Beautiful House Sophie has always lived with her parents in Warwick, England even after she rose to popularity and has enough to purchase a house of her own, she’s exceptionally modest and down to earth so much so that she uses a simple auto to get around whenever she desires.
While Sansa stark is certainly one of the few who you will hate to love, youthful Sophie turner is certain to get the hugs and kisses from all.

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