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Suresh Raina Net Worth

Suresh Raina Net Worth: 115 Million

The Brilliant Batsman Suresh Raina is the young gifted batsman from Ghaziabad but originally from Srinagar Kashmir who had been decided to enter the area of cricket and headed his own under 16’s team in age 15. This gifted player represented himself and won the love of a great deal of supporters and selectors who eventually got him into the professional line after a great deal of training. Suresh has scaled the ladder from earning Rs. 10,000 for an entire season to earning 1 crore for the same time, he’s come quite a way and had a long way to go. Suresh is not merely a rising Indian cricket star but also one on the next generation cricketers who’ll take this nation forward with their fire and there are people who are ready to support them in this endeavour.
Suresh Raina’s Dwelling in Noida Raina is originally from the north but as he has to be around his team in order to practise and perform well, that’s why Suresh has made a big investment by investing in a humble bungalow in Greater Noida for a sum of Rs 4.40 Crore which is not a lot considering how much he is really worth. This Young Cricketer mat function as the moderate kind but when he is to the field he is nothing short of a tornado.
Sources of Income Raina is one among the very sought after player in the Indian cricket team and he stands as the vice captain to the IPL team Chennai Super kings. This left handed batsman has a nick of getting into trouble just as much as hitting a century in a test match. Raina brings in close to Rs. 1 crore just a year on salary and there are everything else additionally, as he charges Rs. 5 Lakh per test match and Rs.3 lakh for ODI and considering exactly how many matches there are throughout the year he makes rather a fortune. There are also additional bonuses for many things like Scoring a century, as well as winning against a specific team. And not forgetting the grand endorsement deals like Adidas,Boost and Pepsi Suresh is a part of he can simply pull in a gigantic Rs.

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