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Susan Powter Net Worth

How rich is Susan Powter?

Susan Powter Net Worth:
$6 Million

Birth date: December 22, 1957
Birth place: Sydney, Australia
Profession: Author, Motivational speaker, Dietitian, Personal trainer, Writer, Nutritionist
Nationality: Australia
Spouse: Lincoln Apeland (m. ?–1995)
TV shows: The Susan Powter Show
Books: Hey Mom! I'm Hungry!
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Susan Powter wiki & biography:

Susan Powter Net Worth: Susan Powter is an Australian motivational speaker, dietitian, personal trainer and author with a net worth of $6 million. Born on December 22, 1957, in Sydney Australia, Powter rose to fame in the 1990s by boosting her health and wellness system referred to as “Stop the Insanity!” In 1994, she starred in her very own TV show anonymously called The Susan Powter Show, in which (even for just a season) Susan discussed commonly nutrition and fitness among many other well being related issues. A loud advocate of an organic, low-fat diet and regular cardiovascular and endurance exercise, Powter additionally fiercely condemned the diet business. She was a motivational speaker recognized not only for her preaching, but her design too. Having platinum-white flat top haircut and being barefoot were only “accessories” to her aggressive manner of speaking in public. Originally located in Dallas, Texas, Powter sold her studio to move to Seattle Washington, and eventually changed to residing in her self-described “earth boat” in New Mexico. A faithful healthy life advocate as Powter is, Susan also composed several novels, three of which became New York Times best sellers in the 1990s. In first of the new millennium, she got back to composing together with The Politics of Dumb, a stream-of-consciousness, self-published manifesto inspiring girls to recover the control of their brains and bodies from food manufacturers, corrupt governments, and fitness/diet sectors. 2006 saw the start of her own radio show and also a cooking show entitled Taste My Broth. Furthermore, her own radio has incorporated a subscription-based multi media e-zine, The Monthly Flow, on her web site. While in November of 2007, she re launched her much-seen fitness and wellness site. When it comes to Susan Powter’s individual life, she’s been married twice and now she declares herself as a “radical feminist lesbian girl.” A mom of two sons from her first marriage, she adopted another boy right after her second marriage.
A noted speaker on health, Susan Powter holds a present net worth of $6 Million. She’s an Australian born on 22nd December 1957. She holds multiple profiles including nutritionist, motivational speaker, personal trainer and author.

Her achievements include the famous catchphrase “Stop the Insanity”. Her show dealt with organic food, healthy diets and exercise. The show ran for a season and both cardiovascular and strength training exercises were advocated by her. A number of best-selling books are attributed to her including “The Politics of Stupid”, which like others, encouraged women to have better control of their body and mind. She had three best selling publications recorded on the New York Times through the 1990’s. A radio show in May 2006 and “Taste My Broth”, which is a cooking show is also credited to her along with “The Monthly Flow” an e zine that runs on subscriptions.

Her accomplishments also include being featured on shows like The Simple Life, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. She also has her own site working with wellness and fitness which she resurrected in November 2007. It’s her precious thoughts on health, fitness and motivation which when set to words, brought in her this huge bundle.

She has currently changed to Seattle from Texas. Wed several times, a “radical feminist lesbian woman” is what she describes herself as. Damien and Kiel are her sons from her first marriage while she adopted another son following the 2nd.

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