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T D Jakes Net Worth

T D Jakes Net Worth $18 Million

It’s been stated that T. D. Jakes net worth reaches an estimate of 18 million dollars. T. D. Jakes is known to be involved in both religion and film business. He is referred to as a film producer, writer, televangelist in addition to preacher, evangelist and author which all put in plenty of sales to the overall sum of T. D. Jakes net worth.

T. D. Jakes whose full name is Thomas Dexter Jakes is known as the pastor of the Potter’s House. The Potter’s House is a non-denominational church established in the usa. T. D. Jakes sermons can also be seen on television since they are aired on various channels.

His other jobs related to religion include a resurrection which takes place every year and is called “MegaFest”. “MegaFest” attracts huge audiences every year which could even reach 100 thousand folks. Moreover, he’s the host of the women’s summit which also happens per annum and is called “Woman Thou Art Loosed”. Additionally, T. D. Jakes owns lots of gospel music records. Every one of these engagements help augment the overall quantity of T. D. Jakes net worth.

In 2005, T. D. Jakes was visiting states which endured from the Hurricane Katrina jointly with the ex president of the United States, George W. Bush. The NBC News stated that in 2009 T. D. Jakes held sermons in the St. John’s Church in Washington, DC. These sermons were held in the morning for the president of the United States, Barack Obama.

When he was youthful, T. D. Jakes was popular in his area as a “Bible Boy”. Additionally, when he was a young child, everybody told him that he could never hold sermons as a result of his ‘terrible’ lisp. Little did everybody understand, the child would end up getting millions of dollars as a result of that which increases the overall quantity of T. D. Jakes net worth.

In 2009, T. D. Jakes intended to have his own spiritual TV show which was assumed to be aired on the CBS Television. Nevertheless, due to economic problems, the TV show was canceled.

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