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The Dream Net Worth

The Dream Net Worth $6 Million

Net Worth — $10 million


‘The Dream’ is the popular stage name of Terius Youngdell Nash who is renowned as a rapper, singer, songwriter in addition to a producer. He was born in Rockingham, North Carolina on September 20, 1997. He’s 36 years of age currently. He’s also an American R&B and a pop record producer. He is quite famous for writing many booming tunes like ‘Me against the music in 2003’ for Britney Spears, “Umbrella” in 2007 for Rihanna and the popular “Baby” in 2010 for Justin Bieber.

Youth life

‘The Dream’ was born on September 20, 1997.When he was three years old he shifted to Atlanta with his mum Reva Nash. He was brought up by his mom in part and was raised by his grandfather after his mom passed away. Before starting his career as an effective musician he worked at Checkers. His popular stage name ‘the Dream’ was coined by his uncle who propelled him to have higher goals in life. He constantly tried his best to be ‘the fantasy of the family’ and had a positive outlook towards life believing that there’s nothing that he can’t do.

Private life

The wish married his girl friend Nivea in 2004 after dating her for about half a year. He’d three kids from her. Out of these three kids one was a daughter named Navy Talia and two other were twin sons London and Christian. The relationship of the dream and his wife Nivea cannot last for a lengthy time as at time he didn’t have an entire understanding of the way to handle a growing up family. Navy didn’t have the required amount of patience and knowledge to keep the relationship going. After that he married Christina Milian on September 4, 2009 at the Little White Chapel in Vegas. Divorce documents were filed by him in February 2010 and finally the couple parted on October 23, 2011.


Nash’s career started fundamentally in 2001 when he met R&B producer Laney Stewart. He got a great assistance from Stewart in getting a publishing deal after scripting “Everything”. After that he started writing for many popular artists like Rihanna, Britney Spears etc. He spent two years working on Nivea’s second album ‘Complicated’. Then he continued his work with Laney’s brother which finally caused a fantastic hit “Umbrella” of Rihanna in 2007. This song was ranked as the Song of the Year at Grammy Awards in 2008. In 2009 The Dream released his album ‘Love vs. Money’ concurrently working on his new album ‘Love King’. In 2009 itself he again started working on his fourth album ‘Elope’ with Christina Milian. In August 2009 he was named as the Executive Vice President of Def Jam Records. Aside from working with Rihanna he also worked with hip hop and pop artists like Mariah Carey, Brandy, Ciara, Plies, Dear Jayne etc.


‘The Dream’ continues to be nominated for numerous awards till date. Beginning with 2007 rihanna was nominated for the award of Best Songwriter for “Bed” at Mobo Awards. After this rihanna won the award for Best New Artist at Bet Awards for ‘The Dream’ in 2008. Following this in 2009 rihanna was again nominated for Best R&B artist at Ozone Awards for his generation ‘The Dream’. Eventually in 2010 rihanna won two awards Song of the Year and Best R&B song for his awesome work “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) ” as a song writer. In 2012 rihanna achieved the award for “No Church in the Wild”. In the current year 2014 he has received the award of Best Rap song at Grammy Awards for his work as a song writer in “Holy Grail”.


When Terius Youngdell Nash started his career in music. Ironically, his grandfather (concrete finisher) believed that he would be unable to make money with this field. The Dream’s stirring music career started with a net worth to 6 million dollars in 2001 when he met the famed music producer Laney Stewart who assisted him to gain a publishing deal. This was the consequence of his astonishing work “Everything”. After that he worked with renowned artists like Britney Spear and Rihanna. Hence in 2012 The Dream announced that he’d earned about $ 15 million alone from his finest hit “Umbrella “with Rihanna. Up till now “Love Hate” has been the biggest commercial success for Nash.

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