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The Dream Net Worth

The Dream Net Worth $5 Million

The Dream is known to people as a singer, rapper, record producer, music executive and an entrepreneur. Born in 1977, The Dream also rolled up his net worth through song writing to himself as well as to some other rapping artists. He also works as a music producer of many famous artists of the current music business, which brings enormous amounts of cash to The Dream net worth.

Born in North Carolina, America, The Dream whose real name is Terius Youngdell Nash is recognized as a co-writer and producer of many hit singles for example “Baby” that is performed by Justin Bieber, “Umbrella” which will be performed by Rihanna and featuring Jay-Z and also “Single Ladies” that’s a song performed by Beyonce. Thus, although a lot of people know these hit songs, not actually a great deal of them recognize that the one who worked on these tunes a lot is The Dream. The rapper made his own music albums, which are entitled “Love Hate”, “Love Vs Money” and “Love King”. The albums sold countless copies over America and also elsewhere in the world, which increased The Dream net worth by a mile.

Although the rapper was originally from North Carolina, when he was 3 years old he went to live to Atlanta together together with his mom. When he was still a kid, he started playing trumpet, guitar and drums. When his mom passed away, he began writing his own lyrics to his tunes while being fifteen years of age. In one of the interviews, The Dream admitted that the death of his mom inspired him to begin composing tunes and it also gave him a completely new look at girls, which might be detected in the lyrics of the song “Umbrella” composed for Rihanna. When his mom died, he went to live with his grandpa, who was quite strict with The Dream.

Nevertheless , the rapper doesn’t regret living with him and states that his grandfather taught him lots of valuable things in life. Now The Dream net worth is among the highest amongst the rappers in America but it has to be remembered that higher amounts he’s supposed to get due to his collaborations with many popular musicians.

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