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Thierry Guetta Net Worth

Produced in Paris, France, Thierry Guetta, also called “Mr. Brainwash”, moved to Los Angeles, California and opened his own clothing store. He was employed as a videographer quietly, and was later introduced to the planet of the street artist by his cousin, well known road artist, Invader. His work has gone to appear at numerous galleries and to the covers of magazines and albums. There is some controversy surrounding the artist nevertheless, as he readily admits that he describes his work to other artists, rather than making it himself. His work is also quite much like the task of Banksy and Shepard Fairey, two well-known street artists who have been also responsible for the popular documentary made about Mr. Guetta and his work. Though Mr. Guetta might be a real individual, there’s some dispute as to whether his art is really his, or merely lesser work created by Banksy or Mr. Fairey, and passed off as his.
Thierry Guetta, popularly called Mr. Brainwash or MBW, is a well distinguished street-artist and filmmaker. He gained popularity as a street artist and after that moved on to making pictures.

He has his wealth from his clothing store. Thierry was an amateur videographer who filmed road artists through the 2000s, and after himself became a road artist. His cousin, a famous street artist named Invader, for this artwork, introduced him. His cousin is additionally associated with art building. Yet, his cousin will not take any credit for the work done — he passes on the job of his creative team. Interestingly, Thierry was paid by Madonnato design the cover of her Celebration album. Most of his work was sold in quite a high cost in his self-financed exhibition — Life is amazing.

Thierry Guetta was born in Paris, France. We can learn a lot about him from the movie named “Exit Through The Gift Shop”, that was directed by Banksy. He has been into many controversies lately, but he has managed to sort them out. A lot of his creative works has resembled his associates Banksy and Shepard Fairey. They’ve commented on the job of Guetta presented in the exhibit by tagging it as overheated and hyped street art marketplace.

The controversies started to cloud up after the launch of the Picture — “Exit Though The Gift Shop”. Nevertheless these controversies haven’t Guetta. He could be still delivering great street art.

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