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Thomas Bangalter Net Worth

How rich is Thomas Bangalter?

Thomas Bangalter Net Worth:
$70 Million

Birth date: January 3, 1975
Birth place: Paris, France
Profession: Composer, Electronic musician, Bassist, Keyboard Player, Film director, Musician, Cinematographer, Screenwriter
Nationality: France
Spouse: Élodie Bouchez
Parents: Daniel Vangarde
Music groups: Daft Punk (Since 1993), Stardust, Darlin', Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon
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Thomas Bangalter wiki & biography:

Thomas Bangalter is a French electronic musician who has a net worth of $68 million. Thomas Bangalter is probably most well-known bring being an associate of the electronic group Daft Punk. Bangalter was born in Paris, France in January 1975. He is best known for being one half of Daft Punk along with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. Thomas started playing the piano at six years old. His father was a songwriter and producer. Thomas met Guy in the Lycee Carnot school in 1987. The began an indie rock group called Darlin’ and Thomas played bass guitar. The group switched their name and style to electronic music. Their third member left to pursue other efforts for the group Phoenix. Daft Punk’s advent Homework, which included “Around the World” was launched in 1997. Their 2001 record Discovery created the hits “One More Time” and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”. They won a Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Record in 2009 and again in 2014. Their 2013 record Random Access Memories won four other Grammys and created the hit “Get Lucky”. Daft Punk is becoming known for donning robot parts. The rarely give interviews or appear out of costume. Bangalter possesses his own music label Roule. Bangalter is also a film director and cinematographer. He released a solo album in 2002. He is married to actress Elodie Bouchez and has two sons.
He is chiefly known as a part of the French house music duo “Daft Punk”. Thomas has also released and recorded music while being related to the trio “Stardust” and additionally with “Collectively”. He has done compositions for the movie “Irrversible” as a solo artist. Bangalter works as a film director along with a cinematographer too and earns money from these jobs. He is the owner of the record label Roule. He has supplied sound effects in “Enter the Void”.

He has done remarkably well in his solo career. There were some disputes and difficulties viewing that single and so Spacedust released a re-recorded version of the song. It went to turn into a huge commercial success. It emerged as the #1 single in the UK. In 1998, Thomas released a nightclub hit by the name of “Music Sounds Better with You”. This overly made to the second position in the UK graphs. Thomas had made a name for himself already.

His father was a renowned song writer. Bangalter started playing piano at age six. Bangalter met Guy-Manual de Homem-Christoin school. They had lot in common including their preferences of movie and music. Bangalter therefore became a part of Daft Punk. Bangalter lives in Beverly Hills, California, together with his wife and their two sons.
Thomas Bangalter (French pronunciation:[tma balt]; produced 3 January 1975) is a French electronic musician best known for being one half of the French house music duo Daft Punk, alongside Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. He has also recorded and released music as a part of the trio Stardust, the duet Together, and as a solo artist including compositions for the film “Irrversible”.

Thomas Bangalter possesses a music label called Roul. Outside of music production, his credits include film director and cinematographer. Bangalter dwells together with his own wife, French actress lodie Bouchez, as well as their two sons, Tarajay and Roxan.

Bangalter instead provided various clips of drones and ambiance for the film to be accompanied by music by other artists from the 1960s and 70s. He is billed in the credits as sound effects director, as well as the film features his track “Dsaccords” initially composed for Irrversible. In 2011 Bangalter directed and choreographed a short film featuring lodie Bouchez that functioned as an ad for the fashion line Co. A year later, Bangalter scored the short film First Point directed by Richard Phillips and starring Lindsay Lohan. In 2013 Bangalter and Homem Christo released their fourth studio album, Random Access Memories. Among the collaborators on the album, Giorgio Moroder recalled the duet had a perfectionist approach; he’d recorded his vocal contribution on multiple microphones despite the fact that just Bangalter would see the difference.

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