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Thomas Kinkade Net Worth

How rich is Thomas Kinkade?

Thomas Kinkade Net Worth:
$70 Million

Birth date: January 19, 1958, Sacramento, California, United States
Death date: April 6, 2012, Monte Sereno, California, United States
Birth place: Sacramento
Profession: Artist, Painter, Visual Artist
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Nanette Wiley (m. 1982–2012)
Parents: William Thomas Kinkade II, Maryanne Kinkade
Movies: Christmas Cottage
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

Thomas Kinkade wiki & biography:

Thomas Kinkade was an American artist who had a net worth of $70 million dollars. Born in 1958 in Sacramento, California, Thomas Kinkade enrolled in the University of California at Berkeley as well as the Art Center College of Design. Kinkade traveled America in 1980 and landed a contract to create a sketching handbook: “The Artist’s Guide to Sketching”. The book’s success earned Kinkade an artist’s occupation to the creation of the animated film “Fire and Ice” in 1983. Following the film, Kinkade began working full-time as a painter, becoming best known for his pastel colors and magnificent settings. Kinkade often credited his hometown of Placerville for inspiring a number of his paintings of Main Street, lighthouses, streams and gardens. Kinkade also became famous for his commercialization of his work, something that was often criticized by the art business. Kinkade appeared to adopt the debate, noting within an interview that he is “the most controversial artist in the world”. Kinkade’s paintings are on the list of most frequently counterfeited on earth. Even after his passing, his paintings continue to be sold. Throughout the height of his career, he was reportedly bringing in more than 50 million dollars each week. Kinkade was the artist of choice for numerous anniversary celebrations, such as Disney’s 50th Anniversary along with the 85th goodbye season of Yankee Stadium. He was the patron of numerous organizations, for example, Make-a-Wish Foundation (he became the group’s official spokesperson in 2003) and also the Salvation Army. Kinkade expired on April 6, 2012, in Monte Sereno, California. The cause of death was acute intoxication from combining alcohol and Valium. Kinkade is entombed at Madronia Cemetery in California. He and his wife, Nanette Wiley, married in 1982 and had four kids collectively. They separated a year before his death.
Thomas was born in 1958. According to present estimates, his net worth stands at $70 Million. His net was born in town of Placerville in California and attended the University of California in Berkley. In 1980, Kinade and his friend James Gurney got a contract in the Guptill Publications to produce a sketching book. His novel “The Artist’s Guide to Sketching” went on to become among the bestselling novels. The success from this novel changed Kinkade’s luck. Both Gurney and Kinade got work in the Ralph Bakshi Studios, creating the background for the film “Fire and Ice”. Following this picture, Gurney began living his life as a painter.

Kinkade got his wealth by making his art work in a mass scale and selling it across USA through his own company “The Thomas Kinkade’s”. The uniqueness of his paintings is in his own master strokes as well as with the way he used brilliant highlights and saturated pastel crayons. His paintings normally comprises of scenic pictures, like a mountain, bungalow, garden, lighthouse. Actually, Kinkade’s town Placerville is an inspiration for many of the things which he paints like roads, and snow scenes.

Kinkade was among the most contentious painters as he received lots of criticism for commercialisation of his art. He was also selling his work via a home shopping station and individuals made fun of his art as something without a basic substance. He died in 2012. He was considered to function as the most successful artist whose paintings are there in 1 out of every 20 houses in USA.
He is celebrated for the mass advertising of his work as printed replicas and other accredited products via The Thomas Kinkade Company. He qualified himself as “Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light,” a phrase he protected through trademark but one originally attributed to the English master J.M.W. Turner (1775–1851). It’s estimated that 1 in every 20 American homes possesses a copy of one of his paintings.

In 2002, Kinkade was inducted to the California Tourism Hall of Fame as somebody who has influenced the people’s understanding of tourism in California through his pictures of California sights. He was chosen along with fellow artists Simon Bull and Howard Behrens to commemorate the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and the 2002 World Series. He was also honored with the 2002 World Children’s Center Humanitarian Award for his contributions to improving the welfare of children and their families through his work with Kolorful Kids and Artwork for Children. In 2003, Kinkade was selected as a national representative for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The painting, Symbols of Independence, was the official picture for the 2004 Pageant of Peace.

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