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Tony Robbins Net Worth

How rich is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins Net Worth:
$500 Million

Birth date: February 29, 1960
Birth place: North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States
Height:6 ft 7 in (2.007 m)
Profession: Motivational speaker
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Sage Robbins (m. 2001), Becky Robbins (m. 1982–2001)
Children: Jairek Robbins
Albums: Personal Power
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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Tony Robbins Net Worth

Net worth: $480 Million


Tony Robbins was born on 29th February in year 1960. North Hollywood California is United States is the birth place of Tony Robbins. The man with is a gifted character. The man with is not only a peak performance coach but is also a self help author, professional speaker and an actor. He’s the guy with pride. He began his career in year 1978. The man with is a good looking personality with the approximate height of 6 feet and 7 inches. He’s an expert in all of his professions. He’s a motivational speaker. Individuals get highly motivated by the content of his speech. He has written quite popular books like Awaken the Giant within and unlimited power. His writing abilities are incredible. He writes in very different types like energy and health, building wealth, conquering fears, enhancing relationship and convincing communication. His career is deeply affected by other people. The Motivational learned from those different motivational speakers. Jim Rohn is the personal mentor of Tony Robbins. His work got publicised through many Medias like Fortune, Tycoon, Forbes, the Oprah Winfrey show, Fox news, CNN, Business week, Success magazine, Internet media worldwide, Time, Newsweek, Life, Vanity Fair, and GQ. The programs of Tony Robbins are seen by around 4 million individuals. Tony was put into the list of top 100 celebrities by a magazine named Forbes.

Early life

Tony Robbins belongs to the Croatian Origin. Formerly his surname was Mohorovic. His surname Robbins is given by his step father to him. He completed his schooling from Glendora High School that is located in Azusa, California.


In the beginning of his career he promoted seminar for his mentor named Jim Rohn. Jim taught him many matters which helped him a lot. Initially Jim git trained by the NLP co creator named John Grinder. After finishing his training he used to train individuals for Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic programming. He completed this training from Tolly Burkan. After specialising in Fire walks himself incorporated them in his training program at the same time. His seminars are popularly called Unleash the Power within, Company Command and Command University. He has a really different and exceptional fashion for training individuals. Based on Robbins every human being has six basic necessities. The six things are Conviction, uncertainty, value, love, increase, contribution. Robbins encourages his plans by making use of used infomercials. He’s also instigated an Anthony Robbins Foundation. The foundation plans to educate pupils and prisoners.

Television and films

Apart from bring a trainer and a writer, Tony Robbins is also an actor. He has worked in several movies like Shallow Hal, Reality Bites, and The Singularity Is Near: A True Narrative about the Future. He has even worked in many television series like The Roseanne Show, The Sopranos, Family Guy, Men in Black. After some time he even began as a host and hosted a very popular show named as Oprah’s Life-class.

Private Life

After his relationship he first got married to a girl named Becky Jenkins. Becky Jenkins was a divorce. Before he got married to Robbins she was divorced twice. She had three children from her previous husbands. Robbins accepted all the three children and handled them as their own children. But unfortunately this relationship did not work out and they got divorced in year 2001. After his divorce he got married to Bonnie Humphrey. Bonnie Humphrey is also referred to as Sage Robbins. In year 1994 he came to understand he is suffering from Brain Tumour.


Tony Robbins is quite a rich style. Tony lives a very lavish lifestyle. It’s said that he gets around $30 million each year. It truly is a beach house and the existence of shore facing your home further enhances the great thing about the house. The house covers the total area of 12, 124 square feet. The house encompasses six wonderful and lavish bedrooms. It’s seven complete toilets and around four half bathrooms. Besides these basic matters the house has several other facilities. It’s a pool at its backyard. You can find several other things like media room, club room, and wine cellar. His wedding was great hit. He’s numerous sources to earn money. Since he’s a multi talented personality and so he’s more than one profession. All these professions together make good money for him. His net worth is said to be $480 million.


In year 2002 he was given 45th position in the list of top Business mind in the whole world. Bonnie was given this honour by Accenture Institute of tactical change. The Harvard Business School ranked him among the top 200 business Gurus. He is an extremely popular speaker of (TED) Technology and Entertainment. In year 2012 his TED demo was considered to be the very best TED talk of the year. He’s also an active member of Robbins Madanes Centre for Strategic Intervention. That is a social organisation and it plans to help individuals with their family and psychological difficulties.

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