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Topher Grace Net Worth

How rich is Topher Grace?

Topher Grace Net Worth:
$10 Million

Birth date: July 12, 1978
Birth place: New York City, New York, United States
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.791 m)
Profession: Actor, Voice Actor
Education: Brewster Academy, University of Southern California, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nationality: United States of America
Siblings: Jennifer Grace
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Topher Grace Net Worth 10 Million

Topher Grace, real name Christopher John Grace is a leading American performer, best known for his character on situation comedy That ’70s Show, where he impersonated Eric Forman.
Christopher was born in Ny, in a family of Pat and John Grace. His dad was an assistant in New Canaan High School, while his mom worked as an executive in Madison Avenue. Although his mother’s fortune never came close to Topher Grace net worth, she was exceptionally valued professional and a well-off girl. While growing up in Connecticut, Christopher befriended an actress Kate Bosworth, broadly known for her part in television series Young Americans, along with pictures Wonderland, Superman Returns and Beyond the Sea. In the 1980s Topher was babysat by another performer, Chloe Savigny, identifiable in the movies American Psycho, Party Monster, The Brown Bunny and Dogville.
In the mid-2000s Grace got among the most significant parts in his career: he was cast as Eddie Brock in Spider-Man 3. In 2011 the millionaire debuted as a screenwriter with a picture Take Me Home Tonight.
His gift for playing, the primary reason of Topher Grace net worth, unfolded as the lad joined the school play club. This part earned Christopher seven nominations for Teen Choice Awards, all in the span 1999-2004. Two years later the future millionaire got a part in Seth Abraham’s movie Traffic, where he played a prep school pupil hooked on cocaine. This character garnered Topher two prestigious accolades, Young Hollywood Award for the greatest male breakthrough performance and Screen Actors Guild Award for the Excellent Performance by a Cast, and confirmed his name one of the most gifted young performers.
What about his private life and love relationships? His most well-known love affair commenced in 2006, when the performer started dating Ivanka Trump. The couple broke-up by the close of the exact same year. Needles to say, the bundles of Donald Trump’s daughter are significantly superior to Topher Grace net worth. His ex- now possesses $150 million.

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