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Trish Stratus Net Worth

Trish Stratus Net Worth: 25 Million

Trish Stratus is the magnetic ring performer that has been exported all the way from Canada. She is bestowed with everything mere thing one would need to view in a diva. She’s the gorgeous wrestling world diva who’d been 7 times winner of reputed girl championship in the realm of wrestling.

Weight: 57 Kg or 125 pound
Spouse: She got wed in 2006 withRon Fisico

Earning From Her Initial Stage To Retirement Interval:
Trish is the reputed wrestler who’s known to really have a killer blend of hot figure and attire along with a proficient career that took ahead the wrestling world to new dimensions. She, in the initial period of her career was just a candy eyes lady but with her competition with Lita she surprised the world. Today Vince is having an account balance of over $5 millions. Beside this, Vince was honoured by becoming recorded amongst the Hall of fame at the championship of WrestleMania 29 that marked her has the most graceful and best woman wrestler ever. And, after retirement, her important source of getting is as a representative of World Natural Sports Association along with, her visibility on the display of several movies and reality shows.

House Where Vince And Her Family Dwells
Vince after her success needed a life that is filled with love and well-being that will make one feel surprise about her. Vince owns a lavish house Toronto located at Canada which is bestowed with everything of her choice that will leave her peace of mind and relax her body after having a hectic day program. The beautification of house can be found in the garden that contains of lavishing fountain water fall in the middle along with the bluish water pool to provide the house with nature touch.


The fantasise of house lies also in it parking lane which is successively mesmerising together with the astonishing Sedan in addition to SUV autos to fantasize individuals who arrives at their house. She’s a enormous number of autos belong to different versatile brand that uniqueness from others in their particular senses either it starts with Suzuki and ends with Mercedes. Her breathtaking beauty and also the glamour finish of the autos make other get surprised at her.

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