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Valentino Rossi Net Worth

How rich is Valentino Rossi?

Valentino Rossi Net Worth:
$120 Million

Birth date: February 16, 1979
Birth place: Urbino, Italy
Height:5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)
Weight:148 lbs (67 kg)
Profession: Athlete, Motorcycle Racer
Nationality: Italy
Parents: Stefania Rossi, Graziano Rossi
Siblings: Clara, Luca Marini
Movies: Fastest, MotoGP
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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Valentino Rossi Net Worth

Net worth — $120 million

Motorcycle racer

We understand him as ‘The Physician’, Italy calls him ‘Son of their soil’ and the entire world fondly calls him ‘Vale’. None besides the guy who makes your heart vroom! this article is a tribute to the speediest Italian living, Valentino Rossi. One among the wealthiest sports persons alive, he’s worth 120 million dollars, and is currently 4th position in the official MotoGP records. Valentino is certainly one of the most successful bike racers of all time, with nine Grand Prix World Championshipsto his name– seven of which are in the highest class.

Privy life

Italy born Rossi is the perfect example of the adage, ‘Like father,like son’. Rossi followed his fathers footsteps as a racer,by initially racing carts, the passion for racing bikes grew as he began turning older. Rossi currently lives in London, as he prefers to stay close to his family. He’s notoriously known for his pre ride rituals where he bends down and catches the right peg of his bike with his head bowed. Rossi considers this ritual as a means of ‘talking’ to his bike so when a mark of respect. Rossi has gone through numerous helmet designs throughout his career, most featuring the Sun & Moon motif, signifying (according to Rossi) the two sides of his character. The artist of Rossi’s present helmet graphics is Aldo Drudi.

His penchant for the amount 46 is more of a tribute which he gives to his father who won three successive Grand Prix Championships with the same amount. His most favored bike is his Yamaha YZF- M1,


Describing an illustrious career like Rossi’s is a significant task,Produced into a racer father, Graziano Rossi, he followed in his father’s footsteps having began racing in Grand Prix in 1996 for Aprilia in the 125cc category. The following year Rossi won his first World Championship, after which he moved up to the 250cc category with Aprilia and came out the victor of the 250cc World Championship in 1999. Followed by 2001, Rossi won the 500cc World Championship with Honda, along with the MotoGP World Championships (also with Honda) in 2002 and 2003. Rossi continued his line of back-to-back championships with the acquisition of the 2004 and 2005 titles after leaving Honda for Yamaha, before reclaiming the title in 2008 and preserving it in 2009. For the 2011 season, Rossi left Yamaha to join Ducati, but in 2012, it was already formally verified that he would return to Yamaha for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

Moto GP

Valentino kickstarted his career in MotoGP IN 2002-2003 with Honda and then changed over to Yamaha for the next six seasons. He then changed over to Ducati before coming back to Yamaha again. He totally has 183 podium finishes and 59 post locations. With 15 successive triumphs, Rossi holds the present record to the most number of race beginnings in a MotoGP career.

Rossi and Charity

He is linked with causes like, ‘Riders for health’, and ‘Soil Motocross Charity Event.Most of his money earned during these events go completely for charity.charity motocross occasion called “motocross dei Campioni, 30 anni dopo” organized by Valentino Rossi attracted more than 10,000 supporters. The intention of the occasion was to raise funds for a children’s hospital based in Pesaro, Italy which helps to heal kids suffering from leukaemia.

Zooming his manner to the Million dollar team

Currently everybody knows the success Rossi has had more than simply a standard degree if success early on in his career and his chief source of wealth comes from racing bikes. The nine-time MotoGP World Champion earns millions as salary bonuses and endorsement money from companies like Fiat and energy drink Monster as well as his race winnings. Rossi’s other patrons like Dainese and Kera Koll decant in a few millions too. On the list of top 10 highest earning sports persons of 2011, Rossi is also Italy’s wealthiest sportsman.

His Ferrari is worth $250,000 dollars and is only customised for his needs. Being the brand ambassador for various brands also brought him rather a lil bit of extra money.

The fastest man on two wheels can also be crazy about autos. His latest prized possession is a Ferrari 458 Italia in addition to some BMW M3 Sedan that was gifted to him. Rossi has recently made a fresh addition to his list of toys in the shape of a Pershing 56 luxury yacht which he purchased for $2.2 million. Rossi also possesses a villa in Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean Sea which is famous for the summer nightclub parties which bring large numbers of tourists.


Multiple MotoGP World Championships.

* The youngest rider ever to win the 125cc World Championship.

* Ranked as 64th in the Forbes Most Powerful Celebrity 100 List (2006).

* Ranked as the 2nd highest paid non US citizen sportsman in their “International 20 (2006).

* The first rider in the 55-year history of Moto GP to take back-to-back triumphs riding machines from two different manufacturers, The 2003 Repsol Honda RC211V and the 2004 Gauloises Yamaha YZR M1.

First in all time podium standings with 104 podiums in highest class.

* Among the two riders to win back-to-back titles on distinct machinery with Repsol Honda RC211V (2003) and with Gauloises Yamaha YZR M1 (2004).

* Eighth rider to have won three or more successive highest-class titles.

* Only rider to win seven consecutive races at his home Grand Prix at Mugello (2002-2008).

And that’s to sum up about the fastest guy on two wheels!

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