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Wanderlei Silva Net Worth

How rich is Wanderlei Silva?

Wanderlei Silva Net Worth:
$16 Million

Birth date: July 3, 1976
Birth place: Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Weight:185 lbs (83.9 kg)
Profession: Actor, Mixed Martial Artist
Nationality: Brazil
Spouse: Tea Silva (m. 2002)
Children: Thor Silva, Rafaela Silva
Movies: , The Ultimate Fighter
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Muay Thai – an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesn’t

Wanderlei Silva is nicknamed The Axe Murderer and Cachorro Louco. He’s an estimated net worth of $8 million that he brought in as a mixed martial artist. Born in Curitiba, Brazil on July 3, 1976, he grew up in street brawling that resulted to his aggressive fashion. This was later on refined with all the components of Muay Thai and kickboxing. His fashion comprises engaging competitors with punches and knees in the Muay Thai clinch. Despite his aggressiveness, nevertheless, he’s recognized to show respect and a sense of sportsmanship each time his fight is over.

Silva holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is a Muay Thai expert. Silva holds the record for the most number of triumphs, knockouts, title shields and longest winning streak in Japan’s PRIDE history for a career that spanned over fifteen years. He’s former IVC Light Heavyweight Champ, former PRIDE Middleweight Champion and the 2003 PRIDE Middleweight Grand Prix Tournament Winner. Silva is also raking it as an endorser in Japan where’s very popular.

Wanderlei Silva has trained under celebrated combatants like Rudimar Fedrigo, Cristiano Marcello and Rafael Cordeiro. Wanderlei opened his own training facility own training center called The Wand Fight Team Training and Conditioning Center in vegas, Nevada after he went to the USA in 2007. In the later 2010 and early 2011, he was forced to take some time off from fighting because of a number of injuries and operations. There were rumors about his retirement however he won his second fight and his plans continued.
If pure athletic ferocity had a name it might be Wanderlai Silva, This former heavyweight champion is really one of the very scary challenges any UFC fighter could face in the ring. His Extreme ferocity has seen most of his fights end in either knock out or referee stoppage due to strikes, earning him the nickname “Cachorro Louco” which roughly translates to Crazy dog. Now that is a combatant people will pay good money to view. His background in Muay Thai places him in the fight for many of the largest matches in the UFC earning him a gigantic net worth of $15 Million.
Weight: 93 Kg / 204 lb
Wanderlei married to Tea Silva.
There were rumors floating about earlier this year that Wanderlai was about to be disbanded from the UFC because he was not ready to take a pre match drug test. Wanderlei’sth match was hence altered to give his place to some other UFC champion. But his destiny is left in the hands of the NSAC.
The Wanderlai Fitness Center Wanderlai is a prize along with a crazed combatant, he spends plenty of time in the fitness center training so according to him a home is a secondary idea in his head at this time. He’s access to a number of the most astonishing fitness centers when on the road and comes home to his own fitness center in the acreage of fortune Las Vegas. That was probably his biggest investment costing him close to $450,000 for a fully equipped gym including his squad of trainers.
House however he does have his own pad in vegas, Nevada. In 2009 he bought a 3 bedroom, 3 bath house worth $190,000 the hose is a satisfactory 1,893 sqft home that Silva spends not a lot of time in. However a home is a house and also you can not deny that so Silva is bound to warm up to it.
The Story supporting the Combatant Produced In Curitiba, Brazil Wanderlai Silva trained from a new age at the chute boxing school. The Fighter had his targets quite early in life, and was acknowledged as an aggressive fighter. Holding a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a mastery in Muay Thai got the attention of professionals getting him into the big leagues.
He is still among the most used fighters in areas like Japan and has earned Millions only in the endorsements he gets.
Regardless of what nickname you give him Silva is surely one of the most iconic combatants on the planet rather than only the UFC consequently the 37 year old has a lot coming his way.

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