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Woody Allen Net Worth

How rich is Woody Allen?

Woody Allen Net Worth:
$70 Million

Birth date: December 1, 1935
Birth place: The Bronx, New York City, New York, United States
Height:5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)
Profession: Actor, Comedian, Film director, Playwright, Musician, Screenwriter, Writer, Voice Actor, Film Score Composer, Film Producer
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Soon-Yi Previn (m. 1997), Louise Lasser (m. 1966–1970), Harlene Rosen (m. 1954–1959)
Children: Ronan Farrow, Dylan O'Sullivan Farrow, Manzie Tio Allen, Moses Farrow, Bechet Allen
TV shows: Hot Dog
Source: Wikipedia & Freebase

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Woody Allen wiki & biography:

Woody Allen is understood one among the most successful and talented film directors. Currently, Woody Allen net worth is known to reach an approximation of 65 million dollars. In addition to being a film director, he’s also called a screen writer, playwright, actor and composer. Woody Allen is regarded as one of the icons in the film business.

Woody has been involved into cinema for greater than half of century and his livelihood in it has been evaluated with plenty of awards. Woody started his profession as a comedian in 1950s when he began writing scripts for comedy shows and also released several publications associated with comedy. In 1960s, Woody Allen became a stand-up comedian. Among the characteristics which differentiated Woody from stand-up comedians of the time was that during his shows he used more monologues than only traditional jokes. In 2004, Woody Allen got the fourth place in the list of the Top 100 stand-up comedians which was made by the Comedy Central station. Therefore, comedy is one of the most important sources of Woody Allen net worth which bring vast amounts to it.

Woody Allen has said that while growing up, he failed to experience a happy childhood. His parents claimed all of the time and he did not get along well with his mother whatsoever. Consequently, Woody was instantly picked to be a member of his baseball team at school.

In the middle of 1960s Woody Allen started composing more advanced scripts for comedies and just later he shifted and started screen writing for more sensational films. Additionally, he also sometimes appears in his own movies. These films additionally increased the entire sum of Woody Allen net worth a lot. Cinema critic Roger Ebert even described Woody Allen as ‘a treasure of the cinema’. In addition to his career in film, Woody Allen is also referred to as a musician. He plays clarinet in a few occasions in Manhattan.
With a career in acting, directing, music, and comedy that crosses over 50 years, not many people don’t understand who Woody Allen is. His early work began in comedy when he was only 15 years old. He continued to push the bar very high. Not only has he composed tons of excellent movies, but he frequently stars in them too. He has over 40 movies to his credit, and they span many generations. Annie Hall from 1977 remains quite popular. Hannah and her Sisters from 1986 is also well received.

He was born in Brooklyn, New York. His mother was a bookkeeper and his dad a jewelry maker. He’s said that his youth wasn’t a happy one as his parents didn’t get along nicely and his mum wasn’t very nurturing. By the time he was 17, he was bringing more money in monthly than both of his parents joined.

The first picture for Woody Allen was What’s New Pussycat in 1965. His work continues to be nonstop in various directions since he got started. Even as he gets old, he continues to challenge his creative side. Among them was Diane Keaton who he was in a relationship with for ten years.

He didn’t do well in school though and dropped out to do self-study. When he was 19, he was hired to write for the Ed Sullivan Show. In 1961, he began doing stand-up comedy with his first contents. In 1966, his play called Do Not Drink the Water was on Broadway.

He’s estimated to be worth about $65 million. He contributes time plus money to various charities.

Just how much is $65 million dollars really?

Finding an out of the way area to relax, write, and also to have time to yourself isn’t always easy when you’ve the star status of Woody Allen. He isn’t one to follow the taste of the commoner either. In Italy there is an excellent castle for sale using a cost tag of $65 million called Castello Baronale.

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