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Yung Joc Net Worth

How rich is Yung Joc?

Yung Joc Net Worth:
$8 Million

Birth date: April 2, 1983
Birth place: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Profession: Rapper, Artist, Musician, Music artist
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Alexandria Robinson (m. 2001–2014)
Children: Chase Robinson, Amir Robinson, Ja'Kori Robinson
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Yung Joc Net Worth 8 Million

Bad Boy – Dead or Alive?
Birth name: Jasiel Robinson
Birthplace: Atlanta Georgia.
Birthday: April 2, 1983
Girlfriend: Karlie Redd
Records: New Joc City, Hustlenomics, Georgia
Largest Single: “It’s Goin’ Down”.
Records Sold: 3 million
He is the guy responsible for among the greatest dancing movements in the previous 10 years. Stars as enormous as Tom Cruise happen to be filmed turning up to his dancing hit “It’s Goin’ Down.” Youthful Joc was seen as the new savior to Diddy’s sickly Bad Boy Records. His net worth reached $5 million throughout his career. A lot of his earnings were from his platinum record “New Joc City”. He’d also started earning $15,000 per show bringing his salary in 2007 to $8 million. Joc’s star allowed to earn nearly $20,000 a attribute. With business disputes and also too little push from Bad Boy Joc was eventually dropped form the label, going on a 5 year hiatus. Joc returned in 2014 having a brand new outlook on music and business and hoping to once again rule the charts.
Music soon become a fire and growing up in the epicenter of American Hip Hop and R&B music it wouldn’t take long for Joc to be noticed. It’s a success story that occurred practically over night. They started recording several demos in his homemade studio. The records got the eye of one of Diddy’s partners Russell Block Spencer.
After awful deals and Joc was forced to construct an empire of his own. In 2010 Joc created Swagg Team Entertainment which was home to GS Boyz who have been known for their single “Stanky Leg”.
In 2006 Joc signed a contract with Bad Boy South. The deal was worth $2.5 million for 3 albums. His first single “It’s Goin Down” became an international hit placing Joc in the vanguard of Bad Boy Records. But despite such tremendous success and enormous earnings Joc maintained his labels Block Entertainment and Bad Boy were reaping all the gains and keeping several of the earnings from Joc. In 2012 joc sued both labels for outstanding royalties. Joc settled the lawsuit using a claim worth $2 million.
In 2014 Joc started dating Love & Hip Hop star Karlie Redd. The couple are featured on season 3 of the most popular show.

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